Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We're Already Regulars


We've been in Maine long enough that we're starting to repeat ourselves. Yesterday we went back to the Lobster Shack for lunch. We went with Pat (Mr. Mustard's mom), and had a great time. Just as we were finishing lunch, the sky opened up and a huge downpour of rain hit us. Everyone at the restaurant ran for their cars (everyone seated outside, that is)...we ran for the gift shop, and about 5 minutes later, the sky looked like this:


Then we headed over to show Paprika and Ginger their Grandma Pat's childhood home. It turned out to be great timing. The house is in escrow at the moment with a new owner, and we got to walk around the house and talk to the new was just so cool. Pat hasn't lived in that house for 50 years, but it was still so familiar to her.

After we were done looking at the house, we walked down the street (a stroll down memory lane, for sure)...and went to the little beach right by the house where Pat spent her summers lounging by the sea! As we were walking back, the sky opened again and all of a sudden a hail storm hit us. Pieces of hail the size of dimes where pouring down and we had to hide out in a friendly neighbor's garage until it passed.

Today we went back to Mackworth Island and had a great hike. We went to the beach there and Paprika took a swim in the icy waters. We went back to the "fairy village" and made a new house for the fairies.


Then Mr. Mustard and I went out on a verrrrry quick date (only about an hour)- we had dinner in town while Pat babysat. It was great just to sneak away for a few moments to ourselves!

I guess we've been here long enough that we're starting to do the same stuff over again...and Paprika has made friends with a lot of kids in the neighborhood. We've definitely made ourselves at home and we're already feeling like regulars in this beautiful little community. :-)


Anonymous said...

That is really cool that you got to see the old house. I remember probably 18 years ago when we went from home in Ohio to see the house my dad grew up in, in California. The bank had actually seized it at that point and it was vacant so we found an open window and got in. There were still the markings on the closet wall where my dad had his height measured growing up and where he had carved his name (wrong) in the door. Gerg instead of Greg. LOL It was fun to see and brought back lots of memories for him.

Amee said...

the pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!

zookeeperjess said...

I'm new here, did you just move to Maine? Those pictures are GORGEOUS!

I'm sorry to hear about your losses. I know that is never enough for anyone to say but it's all I can offer and I am truly sorry.

And HUGE Kudos to you for losing 60 pounds! Wow! I need to lose 15-20 and am starting to work out again.

ryansmom said...

Mmm, The Lobster Shack sounds yummy. You always take the most beautiful pictures. The girls are growing so fast, I can't believe it.