Thursday, June 3, 2010

Camping In The Great Indoors


It rained again today. I took the girls down to the cove during a brief respite (Ginger was on my back in the no pictures of her). It is so beautiful, wish the pictures could capture that...


Since it was raining today, we decided to go up to Freeport and hang out at the LL Bean store (it's as big as a city, practically).

Before we went to LL Bean, we had lunch at this place where we always eat lunch everytime we go to Freeport. In the ten or so times we've been to Maine together since we've known eachother, we always eat lunch at this hole in the wall place called Derosier. I don't know why anyone would eat there- it's basically a convenience store with one or two booths in the back, but it has the best pizza...and well, it's a tradition by now. So, we always go there and today we introduced Paprika and Ginger to the place. For all of us to each lunch (including drinks), it was $8.


Then we hit the LL Bean Store- there are a million things to do there. A huge aquarium, a big fish pond in the center, tons of places for kids to play...

and a giant boot. Why, I do not know.


We hung out in the camping section.


Made great murals out of chalk...


even Ginger joined in.


And just spent the day being together. Even when you just hang out together in the camping section all day long, there is something sweet about that...just being with the ones you love.



Devon said...

aw, i love this is SO beautiful there! can i come?

FourJedis said...

Ditto what Devon said. Everything looks perfect!

mum2abby said...

It looks like you are all having a blast. I hope the weather gets a bit better for really is beautiful in Maine :)

Oh and I've been to the LL Bean store I just don't remember the big boot...weird.