Thursday, June 24, 2010

First Day Of School!


Today Paprika started at a new preschool. As of yesterday at 4pm, we were still waitlisted...but a spot opened up, and next thing you know, we were enrolled! Getting into a good preschool in Los Angeles is kinda like applying to college...and we made it! Haha. ;-)

This is such a relief. I love having Paprika at home with me, and kinda wanted her here with me...well, forever. But as she is just about the most social person on planet Earth and loves, loves all other kids...well, it just didn't seem fair to her. She was sooooo excited when I told her she got to go this morning!

One of the hardest things about moving here from Pasadena was leaving Paprika's old school, which we also loved. So finding a good place here...well, it's just awesome!


It's a co-op preschool that meets three mornings/week for the summer. I will be working in the classroom one morning/week. Today was my first day of "teaching"- and it was so much fun. It was really such a gift to see her interacting with the other kids and learning.

It turns out a spot also opened up for next school year (we're in the summer session now)- so...starting in Fall, she will be in Pre-K five days/week. It's the same co-op environment, with lots of parent participation. Mr. Mustard's schedule this summer and next year should work out so he can be home with Ginger while I'm working at the school. How great would that be?

It's really a transition seieng my baby go from well, a a preschooler. Where is the time going?

We got home from school today and the first thing Paprika wanted to do was put on her butterfly wings and do a dance performance for me. She is now "Butterfly Girl"- which is a superhero she made up!

So, as long as she's having fun with it and enjoying the interaction, we'll keep it up. As we were leaving school today all she wanted to know was when we could come back again to play with her new friends. I'd say that's a good sign!



FourJedis said...

What an ideal situation for Paprika - she gets to go to school and get her social needs (and sounds like she needs it, for sure - so cute) met, she gets to learn, and you get to participate. I just fell in love with her new school. Glad you guys are IN!

ryansmom said...

What a wonderful experience for both of you. It is so important for kids to have the opportunity to learn to socialize. The academic standards for kids these days are tough and unfortunately the fun stuff gets tossed to the side. I hope you both fall in love with it.