Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Into The Big Blue


On Monday, the four of us took a big trip across the country to Maine! It involved over eight hours of flying, and one plane change. It was Ginger's very first time ever flying in an airplane. By the time Paprika was this age, she had crossed the country many times- three trips to Indiana and a bunch back and forth to Chicago when Mr. Mustard was working for Oprah.


The night before we left on the trip, we told Paprika we'd be flying in a plane. She got really excited, and said, "I'll have my own seat, I'll buckle my seat belt, and I can watch "Come On Over to Barney's House!"

We were kind of scratching our heads as to why she would say she could watch Barney. Then it dawned on us that the last time she flew (almost two years ago, on her second birthday)- we watched that video on the airplane. So, she was remembering the last plane ride, when she was not quite two years old. That kind of blew me away.

Ginger and Paprika both did awesome on the flights. No tears, and Ginger was so happy and made friends with all the people around us. All in all, a success!




Your in my state! Where in Maine are you? Isn't the weather beautiful this week?

FourJedis said...

I'm so glad they did well and am so impressed that Paprika could remember that far back. Love the pictures. Have a great time!

noswimmers said...

Oh my...just thinking about traveling with two kids makes my head explode! Glad it went well. :)

Enjoy your time there, sounds SO relaxing!!