Thursday, June 3, 2010

Up All Night!


Yesterday we had a wonderful picnic outdoors, and then we went to Mackworth Island and had a beautiful afternoon hike. Mr. Mustard's mom joined us for the first part of the hike, and we happened upon a little fairy village...basically, kids construct little houses for fairies in the woods. Paprika thought that was amazing, and played for a long while with some local kids.


Our days are fun, but our nights are long. Neither Paprika nor Ginger is sleeping well at all. The night time routine is taking hours (upon hours) and we are not getting to sleep before 4 or 5am most nights. It is pretty awful, and as much fun as we are having during the day...the nights make it hard to function during the day.

I hope that these girls start sleeping better. We brought as many familiar things from home for them as we could, and goodness knows Mr. Mustard's mom has really gone overboard in making us feel comfortable here. So, I am kind of at my wit's end as to what to do to get these girls to sleep. It's really frustrating, and I am reminded of why we haven't flown anywhere since Paprika was two! Let's just hope things improve...


FourJedis said...

I'm so sorry the girls aren't sleeping well. If it's any consolation, my boys sleep like garbage (assuming garbage never rests) even in the comfort of our own home, so if your misery likes company, here I am! ;-) Love the idea of the woods with the fairies.

mum2abby said...

Beautiful family picture! My kids always sleep like crap when they are out of their own element...just imagine the last ten weeks and now they are sleeping like crap still because they forget what normal sleep is like Ha! Misery loves company. Looks like you are having a blast though!


Looks like Macworth Island! Isn't it so relaxing there? The fairy houses are so cool. I bet your girls loved it.
The weather isn't cooperating for you though. Maybe head to LL Bean? Lots of outlets near there for great bargains!
Sorry about the sleep. Maybe the time change is bothering them?

Crystalyn said...

Sorry the girls aren't sleeping. I adore how you'll are finally having family time with your hubby home!! I have never thought to carry Beet in my ERgo anymore.. He's so big. I might need to try that! Thanks for the idea.