Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sniffles and Such


Guess who's sick...again? And, yes, I realize her hair is looking ridiculous here. It's just been that kind of day!

Paprika has been feeling sick since Tuesday-ish, and on Wednesday night came down hard. Horrible cough, fever of 102, lethargic. Miserable. Today she spent the whole day on the couch and ate nothing. Slept most of the day.

She is seeing the doctor tomorrow. We'll see what she says. We've been doing the requisite rest and fluids, but decided it's best to get her checked out.

I am sick with the same thing as Paprika. I've basically been sick with something or other since September, so I'm kinda used to weird as that sounds.

I think what's really getting us sick is preschool. Last year at this time, when we were basically hermits save for the scattered playdate here or there, we never got sick.

I am starting to wonder if preschool is worth it. Paprika loves it...loves her teachers, her friends. We have been talking about moving, and honestly, her preschool is the one thing holding me back.

I worry that pulling Paprika out of school mid-year will hurt her. She is very attached to her teacher, Ms. D, and her school friends. What if one day she woke up and never saw Ms. D or her friends again? Is that going to hurt her emotionally?

Anyway, long story short...we will be moving. The question is when. The only thing keeping us from moving right now is Paprika's school, which doesn't end until May/June. But if she is picking up germs at school and getting sick, what's the point?


FourJedis said...

Don't get me started on the germ cesspool that we call school. ;-) One kid gets one thing, spreads it to his brother, they get over it, then hubby & I get it... so for one annoying germ, it's like a month-long-process trying to get it out of our house... but they cry when I pick them up... b/c they want to stay there and play with their friends... talk about their teachers on the weekend... how does one take that away? Let me know if you figure it out. :) Looking forward to following your moving process. Have you still been pretty active in the hunt?

mum2abby said...

I'm a big fan of homeschooling so my vote goes there!

I don't think she'll be upset about preschool, I think if you keep her busy with other things it'll be a thing of the past and she'll forget about it.

What's the difference if you pull her out midyear and you wait until summer time? You still have to explain to her why she's not going...

Erin said...

I am sorry she is sick.. I feel like I am reading so many blogs and everyone is getting sick.

As far as school at getting sick, no matter what school you put her in she is going to get germs and be sick. I think its good for kids to be exposed to it all. But if you find a place you love and are ready to move then GO FOR IT because you don't want to pass it up!

Sheri said...

So sorry ya'll are sick again! We have been sick every other week since November. Both kids are really sick right now. Grace caught something at the church nursery on sunday(her first time there).
I know people say that it is good to build up resistance but gees, it must have been someone that didn't have to stay at home with a sick kid that started that rumor!

Brookeanne said...

I have had to put my son in and take him out of preschool on two occasions (due to bed-rest on the first and similar feelings about germs for the second). I adore having him home, but will admit with how active I try to keep him we encounter the same amount (possibly more???) than we did when he was in school. My oldest daughter being in First Grade doesn't help. Anyway, the one negative is that on those days when they could be in preschool and you get sick... there is nothing for them to do if you need to be home and rest (unless you have awesome family in the area... we don't :( ) Needless to say, he adjusted great coming home and other than to say he wanted to drop in and say hi to his teachers, never asked to go back all the time. Good luck!!!

siri said...

The good news about the preschool sickness is that she's building up immunities and after a year or so of it, she'll stop getting sick all together. Chances are you will also stop getting the sickies too.