Monday, February 8, 2010

Changing Gears


We went to two parks today...we quickly discovered that the first one was filled with big kids, a daycare, and a lot of homeless people (who Paprika wanted to run over to and wake up). So, we shifted gears and headed back to an old, familiar place. It was a great decision and we ended up having a lovely time!


I read half of the book, The No Cry Sleep Solution, last night and implemented its techniques. So far, we are still sleepless in our house. I think teething and being sick (very stuffy) is causing Ginger some distress. Please let Ginger's toofers pop through soon and please let us all get over our colds! Achoo!


FourJedis said...

I hope that Ginger gets some relief (as do you) very soon! And then when they do, send some sleep vibes our way. :) Looks like a great day at the park. That big spidery thing looks pretty neat and you and your gals look great.

Anonymous said...

we are doing some serious teething here too! feel better soon ginger