Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Weekend!


Or, Happy President's Day weekend! ;-)

We've been having a great time here with our little valentines. Yesterday, we went to a kids' Valentine's Day party at a local indoor playground. It was awesome!

Today we went to the park/playground, and watched the Olympics. Paprika is all set on becoming a figure skater now. I have some great video of her leaping around the living room in time to the music. Ginger thought it was the funniest thing ever!

Overall, we've had a great weekend just being together. Mr. Mustard and I ordered in Indian food for dinner last night and caught up on Lost. Today he and Paprika surprised me with roses and chocolate. Can't beat that! It was a lovely day with my loves! The best Valentine's Day on record? Perhaps! :-)


FourJedis said...

What a perfect day, and such nice surprises. :) I'd love to see that video!

Southern Gal said...

Glad your Valentine's Day with your Valentines was good. They are precious as always. My oldest daughter was born 21 years ago today, so Valentine's always gets extra special treatment around here.

mum2abby said...

Ok...we really do have similiar kids!!! Gator was jumping, twirling, spinning etc to the music last night while watching iceskating...then she'd fall and be like, "see mommy I need classes to practice". Oh and after seeing how you have P in a dance class I've looked into putting G in one...I'd looked into it before but nothing really fit our schedule. I found one on the base near my parents house so when I go there I might stick her in it...<3 your blogs E! Happy Valentine's Weekend;)