Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Skinny Tuesday...Errrr, Wednesday

This week has been whizzing by me so quickly, I forgot that yesterday was Skinny Tuesday! How could that have happened?

This week I focused on making good choices, and finding victory away from the scale. When I used to go to Weight Watchers meetings back in college, I remember these milestones being referred to as "NSV" or Non-Scale Victories!

I had a few Non-Scale Victories this week:

1) I found a dress I bought back prior to Ginger's pregnancy, and it FIT! Granted, I still have 30 pounds to lose until I am back into clothes I wore prior to Paprika's pregnancy, but...that's progress.

2) Although I DID take Paprika to McDonald's this week when she was begging to go, and I DID order an Oreo McFlurry for myself (old habits die hard)...

I DID NOT eat the McFlurry. Nope. I ate two bites, decided it was disgusting, and then put it in the freezer for later. When "later" came, it was hard as a rock and smelled like plastic. In case you're curious, McFlurries do NOT age well in the freezer. So, I tossed it. Yea!

3) On Saturday night, we ordered Domino's Pizza - which is also an old habit of mine. As embarrassing as it is to say, I love Domino's and we usually order two large pizzas and eat one the first night and one the second night (just me and Mr. Mustard). Well, this time, I had two slices and that was it. The next day, I had one slice (and not my usual half-pizza).

The next day, I let Mr. Mustard take the remainder to work and I went back to my usual healthy fare.

4) I ordered new leggings. And they are size MEDIUM! Oh, how awesome it is to be a size medium after squeezing myself into the XL size just six months ago. So, now I have three new pairs of MEDIUM leggings (yes I had to capitalize Medium), and from now on will avoid saggy legging-knee least until I get to size Small.

Oh, to dream! ;-)


The Super Bean said...

Way to go! It is so awesome to read what you have achieved. Yay for you and your willpower!

FourJedis said...

Congrats on your accomplishments! Those are huge and you should be so proud! We get Dominoes a lot. I leave off the cheese b/c of Yoda's belly and it's even less of a guilty pleasure. :) Woo hoo for the Mediums!

The Carrels said...

Erika...I'm a friend of Carrie Reiberg...and found your blog through her. So freaking inspired by your weight loss journey...and I'm working on a journey of my own. I recently gave up my diet coke addiction and am finding more and more foods that I used to eat all.the.time are no longer appealing to me at all!

Can't wait to cheer you on when you reach your goal!

JESSICA said...

Congrats on your victories!

Brenna said... be a MEDIUM again! (Yes, that definitely deserves a LOT of caps! :) I'm so proud of you and inspired, E!

I'm sorry it took me a little while to catch up with you at your new location, by the way. I'm giggling over the names Ginger and Paprika and Mr. Mustard--too cute.

Shana said...

Hooray! Congratulations on a job well done! Keep up the good work =0)

Southern Gal said...

Good for you!

And I just realized I hadn't updated my reader and wasn't getting your post updates. I'm fixing that now.

noswimmers said...

Oh Medium, how I dream of thee!

Keep up the great work, you're AMAZING!

Lost in Space said...

Love this, Erika! Way to go.

Thanks so much for the book!! I met up with Devon last week and she gave it to me. I am slowly working my way through it and gearing up to make some changes. I really like how things are geared toward 3 different groups depending on the level of "dedication" you are up to for following the kind diet. I'm starting low, but aiming high. (-; Thanks so much for this, Erika!!