Wednesday, February 3, 2010



Today Paprika had her first ballet class. Well, it was ballet and tap, but she wasn't very excited about the tap.

We brought her tap shoes just in case she could be peer pressured into wearing them. Turns out, once she saw everyone else wearing them, she decided she would wear the shoes that moments before sent her into tears.


She loved the class and wanted to stay afterwards and dance more, more, more.


She is quite the little student and wants to get everything just right. Mr. Mustard and I are really proud of her, and she is proud of herself, which is the best thing of all!



Lost in Space said...

These might be the cutest pictures ever. Totally melts my heart.

I'm so glad she had so much fun with it.

FourJedis said...

My uterus just whispered "have a girl" to me. Paprika is so cute. I love that she's such a perfectionist.

noswimmers said...

Oh Paprika...there's nothing sweeter than a little princess in a tutu!! What a sweetheart. :)

lisakolieb said...

such adorable pics. glad that paprika decided to try the tap shoes out after all!