Friday, January 12, 2007

Where's The Baby?

This is what happens when Paprika gets rolling! Notice her legs peeking out of the green activity mat! Good thing I was nearby to unroll her.

We have a big weekend planned- it seems like there's even more to do now than before the holidays. I am supposed to meet friends at the Zoo on Saturday, go meet the cast of Lost on Saturday night, have brunch with Jessica on Sunday, and then go bridesmaid dress shopping with Jacey on Monday! Whew! Oh, and on Saturday morning, Mr. Mustard wants to test drive a BMW being sold by a private party. Oh-la-la!

Right now Paprika is taking a nap, which almost never happens during the day. I think she's exhausting herself with all of her activity. I'm enjoying the break and using the time to do the dishes, clean up a little bit, and of course, update the blog!

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