Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Making Music!

I took Paprika for her first trip to a toy store this morning. We have a Toys 'R Us right up the street, but I've been nervous to go to it. I guess I pictured a messy store full of screaming kids, crying babies, and the merchandise strewn across the aisleways. But, this morning Paprika seemed, well, bored. So, I decided that it might be time to get out of the house, and find her a few new toys to play with and discover.

We got to Toys 'R Us right when they were opening, and to my surprise, the store was empty. Everything was on shelves, in order, and there were no screaming kids anywhere to be found! On top of that, they had a whole "baby" section with all of the essentials we have been driving across town to buy! All this time, we had this store right around the corner and who knew?

While we were at the toy store, I picked up this keyboard for her. She absolutely loves it, and wants to play every key and squeals when she hears the sounds. I also bought her some magic markers and drawing paper. We've noticed that she loves holding a pen and drawing, so this should be a fun activity for us to try together.

While we were in the parking lot at the toy store, I saw a "My Gym," which is a place you can bring infants for Mommy & Me classes. So, we checked that out and we will probably be starting to take classes there before we move to Pasadena. It will be a good opportunity for us to get out of the house and for Paprika to meet other babies. Most of the "moms" we saw at the Mommy & Me class were nannies, but that's okay. I really just want to go to experience the class with Paprika, and to have her get out of the house a little bit.

I'm still in the process of teaching Paprika sign language. I think she already understands the sign for milk!

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