Sunday, January 7, 2007

Weekend Update

Now that the holidays are over, we have a lot more time to just veg- it's very relaxing, actually! This weekend we are supposed to go to an event at the Television Academy-- there is a special event featuring the cast and creators of "Lost." Mr. Mustard rspv'd for us, so we are on the list to go. We met a bunch of the cast members at the HBO Party back in 2005, but back then I didn't watch TV, so I had no idea who anyone was (well, except for Matt Fox who I remembered from the TV Show "Party of Five"). Anyway, Mr. Mustard really wants to go, but I haven't set up a babysitter yet. I need to figure that out- Jessica and Matt already have plans that night. So it may just be Mr. Mustard going by himself unless I can talk one of my other friends into watching Paprika on Saturday night. We'll see. :-)

In other news, I think the decision has been made to ask our tenants to leave asap- and not wait until June to move out of our current place. I talked to our current building managers about it, and even they agree- it's time to move out and into a bigger place! So, it looks like we are set for moving back to Pasadena in mid-March.

We are also checking out getting a new car (well, new to us!) that is about three years old. We're leaning towards a Honda Accord or a Toyota Camry. Mr. Mustard, of course, is doing all kinds of research on the best and most reliable thing to buy. I just want something that works and is not too lame to drive!

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