Sunday, January 28, 2007

Lazy Weekend

We took it very easy this weekend, since I have been battling my cold and we didn't want Paprika to get sick again. We were supposed to go to Phoenix this weekend to visit my grandparents and their friends, Barbara and Duane, and their family. We didn't end up going because Mr. Mustard had to work, and we didn't know whether or not we would have a reliable car by this weekend. We both really wanted to go, and we were sad that it didn't work out. Perhaps it's for the best this time, though, since I have been so sick and Paprika has been fighting a cold, too. We will have to get out to Phoenix for a visit when Paprika is a little bit older. We love spending time with my grandparents, Barb, and Duane! They are so much fun to be around!

We really took it easy this weekend and didn't do too much that would be stessful or straining. Yesterday morning I got a haircut (finally). It was the first haircut I've had since before Paprika was born. Time really flies! We all went to my hair appointment. Mr. Mustard and Paprika wandered around the mall, went to the Apple store and to the Sony store while I was at the salon. Afterwards we all had lunch at the mall. Mr. Mustard got to drive the new car, which he was very excited to do! It was a very fun trip out. After we got home, we laid around the house, napped, and watched Jerry Maguire in High Definition on cable.

Today we met up with our friend Lauren and went to her Young Marrieds group at a nearby church. It was a lot of fun! Afterwards we went to brunch at a swanky place- Paprika was very well behaved- so much so that no one really knew she was there! Afterwards, Mr. Mustard, Paprika and I came home and took a nap. I am finally feeling a little less congested, mostly I think because I've been resting so much, drinking orange juice, and taking lots of vitamins. Paprika seems completely over her cold now- it was just a little blip for her, thank goodness!

Paprika's new carseat arrived in the mail on Friday. It's a very safe Britax Marathon brand in their "cowmooflage" pattern. I think it's adorable! She'll be able to use it until she's 65 pounds! This means that we're going to have to retire her infant seat. At her current size (28 inches long and 20 pounds), she's outgrown it. The infant carrier is supposed to last for the entire first year, and it's so convenient because we can bring it with us to restaurants and other places. The new seat is going to be a permanent fixture in the car, which means we won't be able to cart her around in it when we go into restaurants and places like that. It's really cute, though, and will be really comfortable for her. It's so soft, padded, and luxurious- she'll be ridin' in style!

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