Thursday, January 11, 2007

Paprika & Pooh

Things are going great in the Urth household. Mr. Mustard and I watched "Some Like It Hot" last night after Paprika went to bed. It was such a funny, great movie- I'm embarrassed to say I hadn't seen it before. It really wowed me! We watched "The Lake House" the night before with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves- well, we only got through 20 minutes before we took it out of the DVD player and packaged it up to send back to Netflix! Snore-city!

Paprika is becoming increasingly mobile. She is making great strides every minute, it seems, in terms of her mobility. I laid a big quilt out on the floor for her to roll around on, and she is able to move all over it by rolling herself and squirming back and forth. She's not crawling yet, more like creeping. But, she's able to do it with a lot of success. She sees an object and she makes sure she gets it! Yesterday, she even creeped her way over to the diaper bag and started to pull herself up on it! Looks like I've got to do some babyproofing pretty soon!

Mr. Mustard has been working a lot of hours lately- he will be finished next Friday with his current show and then will move back to The Race. That show is also intense- it's a good thing that he likes what he does for a living! We have missed having him here at home, but at least we get to see him every evening. That was a luxury we didn't have when I was up in Berkeley. I am so proud of him for working so hard!

The weather was phenomenal earlier in the week- in the high 70s! We managed to get some good walks in to enjoy the great outdoors. Today it was colder and cloudier- more like winter, I guess (well, a Los Angeles winter)! Please come back bright and sunny days!

Oh-and I just weighed and measured Paprika. She is 19.5 pounds and about 28 or 29 inches long (it's hard to measure a squirmy baby)! She will be 5 months old next Tuesday, so I will officially weigh and measure her then!

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