Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'

Paprika is a rolling machine! She rolls easily from back to tummy now. This morning she rolled from her back onto her tummy, and then from her tummy onto her back, and then repeated the whole thing again. Normally she will only roll from her back onto her tummy and not vice versa because she loves laying on her tummy so much!

She is also a great grabber. As you can see, she loves to pull my hair! I am wondering how long it will be before she starts crawling. I think that will give her a real sense of satisfaction. She tries so hard to get moving now, and seems frustrated by her lack of mobility. Luckily, she is an extremely happy baby, so it's not like she cries when she's frustrated...she just seems to want to get moving so badly that I want it for her, too!

It looks like we'll be moving at the end of March. Our tenants got back to us and asked if they could move over Caltech's Spring Break (our tenants are Cal Tech Professors). Anyhoo- that's fine with us, although as far as we're concerned, the sooner the better! I am anxious to start packing up even though our move is over two months away. I am SO excited to move back!

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