Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Yes Day!


Dear Ginger,

On the day you turned FOUR years old, we had a Yes Day for your birthday!  Everything that you wanted to do (that we could do), we did!

When you woke up, you found the house all decorated for your birthday.  It was just a banner and some pink streamers - but to you, it looked magical! 

You opened your cards and we read the book that Grandma sent called On The Day That You Were Born.  You were so excited to dance to the music in the card Mimi sent!  You felt so special when you sat on my lap and we read Grandma's book together.

Then (after we dropped Paprika off at school), we went to the beach - just you, me, and Violet!  That was THE place you said you wanted to go - so we did!

Beach day with the birthday girl! :-)

You really wanted to get ice cream - so I gave you three choices for places we could go.  And, you picked the ice cream shop at the end of the Pier. 

We had a great time walking up and down the pier, eating ice cream, and watching the surfers.


The weather was gorgeous, and we stood looking out at the sea for a long time.  I had Violet on my back in the Ergo, and you walked beside me holding my hand. 


Then you said, let's put on our swimsuits and go down to the beach!  So, after you were all done with your ice cream, that's just what we did!  We put on our swimsuits and sunscreen, and we headed down to the beach.

Just after we got settled, you realized that you had to go to the bathroom right then, problem!  We packed up (quickly) and ran all the way across the universe (it felt like) to find the bathroom.  Phew!

Then we came back to our spot and continued to play in the sand until it was time to go get Paprika at kindergarten.

We were all signing: I love you to one another.  This is how your baby sister Violet signs: I love you!  It's not quite right, but we know what she means. :-)

This is how she signs: I love you!

When we got to Paprika's school, you really wanted to ride on my back in the Ergo - and Violet wanted to ride on the front. And well, since it was your birthday, how could I refuse? ;-) So, we did our double Ergo ride up to school, for what will probably be the last time ever (since school is out tomorrow). Now that you're four, you like to walk - but I had to indulge you (all 40 pounds of you!) one last time. Ha!


When we got home from picking Paprika up from school, I went on Amazon streaming and bought you that Barbie movie that you've been asking me to get for months.  It's The Princess and the Pauper - and you wanted it because there are two princesses: one has the same name as me and one has the same name as YOU!

It made you feel so special that we are both characters in this movie - and you were especially excited because the princess who shares your name wears the color pink (your favorite!) - and the princess with my name wears the color blue (my favorite!)


After that, we played in the backyard with Paprika and Violet until Daddy came home with THE BIRTHDAY CAKE!

You wanted a chocolate cake, and now it's pretty much a family tradition that we get all our birthday cakes from the same place (Sweet Lady Jane bakery).

 It was perfect and little and delicious - just like you!


Daddy also brought home THREE balloons - one for each of your sisters and a special one just for YOU, the birthday girl!  (Good thinking, Daddy!)

You were so excited, you were about to burst!


You blew out the candles, and made a big wish.  What was your wish?




Then it was time to open your present.  You were so excited - even though you kinda already knew what it was, since you only asked for one gift and I hinted that you would probably get it!  Ha!

Paprika was super excited and supportive to see you open your BIG gift!  :-)


And it was everything you'd been hoping for and more!


A pink pail to bring to the beach!  Bonus:  a shovel and a rake!


Does it get any better than that?!  ;-)

Nope, it doesn't.  You were so happy - and kept saying how it was the most beautiful present in the world.


Then, while you were playing with your birthday gift, Paprika pulled me aside.  She really wanted to go to the store to buy you a gift with her own money.  She got out the stepping stool, pulled her piggy bank down from the top of her closet, and asked me to take her to the store right then and there.  She was so excited!

So, Paprika and I snuck off to Target and she picked out a present on her own that she knew you would love.

We got home, wrapped it, and she gave it to you right away:


Well, I've never seen anyone love a gift so much.  You named your new giraffe:  Giraffey, and he hasn't left your side for a second since you got him!


Birthday present from big sister (bought with her own money) was a huge success! :-)

You kept saying that this was the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER - and I think it was!  You are so cherished and loved, and I pray every day that we have many more birthdays together to celebrate.


You are our sunshine and we all love you to pieces. 

Happy 4th Birthday, my sweet Earth Angel!




Home Is Where They Send Us said...

Awww! Happy Birthday! I can't believe she's four...seems like just yesterday you announced she was born <3 You have such a beautiful family!!!!

Kim said...

Ahhhh your girls are getting SO big!!! Looks like a super fun day for Ginger!:)