Monday, June 17, 2013

Last Day of Three!


My sweet baby girl turns 4 years old tomorrow! Sniff!  The above picture was taken this morning on her last morning of being 3 years old. 

Ginger always comes in my bedroom in the morning with a bright smile on her face, jumps into bed, and gives us all kisses. 

Today we had fun playing at the park - she and Violet met a little boy at the park and they played the afternoon away until we had to pick up Paprika from school (yes, she's still in school!) and then we had to go to Paprika's piano lesson.

Ginger loves hanging out and is up for whatever we're doing - she is easygoing, fun, and always a joy to be around.  She is my constant side-kick, and she is always trying to take care of me and protect me.  I have the best days with her, even when we're just doing the ordinary day-to-day business of life.


Ginger is: loyal, determined, smart, steadfast, sensitive, wild, and wonderful!  She wants to do things her own way, and she is a perfectionist.  She wants to learn how to do things by herself, and will only show you her work when she's finished.  If it's even a little less than perfect, she will rip it up and start again - no matter how many times it takes!

Ginger loves to draw.  She loves math.  She loves flowers.  She loves dancing ballet (but not tap!  too noisy!)  She has decided that she will learn how to read - but she doesn't want me to teach her!  She is okay with Paprika helping her out with reading a little bit.  ;-)  

The funny thing is that she CAN read pretty well - but she will act like she doesn't know how to read.  Then I will trick her and ask her what something says (like the number "three" as opposed to 3) - and she will get it right every time.  In some ways, she still wants to be the baby - she still really wants me to read for her - and I am happy to do that. 

I just think it's funny how in some ways she's so independent and in other ways, she wants to sort of linger in her babyhood. I'm happy to oblige.  ;-)


Ginger is a very thoughtful and is an extremely giving person.  When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she first said a toy giraffe that she could give to me because she knows I love giraffes.  :-)  Ginger also made me a collection of stuffed giraffes (she rounded up all our giraffe toys and put them on shelf in my bedroom for me to have nearby).  She is always so thoughtful of me and my needs, and she always is ready to share with others.

After I told her I didn't need a new toy giraffe, she decided for her present that she wants a new shovel and pail to bring to the beach (the sensible side of her) - since her current shovel and pail has seen better days. I am grateful for these days of simple birthday presents and simple birthdays!  May they last!  :-)


Ginger is very determined - and what she puts her mind to, she accomplishes!  We have all of those "Teach Me" Apps for the iPad - everything from Toddler up through Third Grade.  Well, she will ONLY play the 3rd Grade one (since that is what Paprika plays) - but of course, it is a little bit advanced.

Even so, she tries and tries and has learned so much.  She now knows many of her multiplication tables and how to spell some big words - plus addition and subtraction, etc.  She never gives up.  When she puts her mind to something, it will get done if she has anything to do with it.  I love her perseverance.


Oh, one thing that is sort of quirky, I guess, is that Ginger is a vegetarian.  She has been basically since birth.  I worried about it for awhile - but she is very healthy and growing great.  She will not eat meat or drink milk - she never has (except for nursing, of course - which she nursed for 30 months!)

I thought for awhile that she was our very petite, small girl - and then I checked her stats a week or so ago, and she was 75% for weight and for height!  So, although she is not as big percentile-wise as the other girls (Violet is 98% for height and weight, and Paprika is 85% for both) - she is still well above average, and growing like a little flower. 

She loves to eat veggies, whole wheat bread, cheese, bagels, strawberries, blueberries, carrots, and other types of rabbit food. Ha!  But she will not touch In-N-Out food - well, except for a cup of Ice Water!  Ice water is the only thing she will drink - and she will say:  Oh, this is soooo cool and refreshing!  Thank you! 


Ginger really loves playing one on one with little boys her age.  She gets overwhelmed in crowds, and gets scared by big groups of people.  It's a fine line between getting her out there socializing with others, and understanding her stages and preferences, and respecting her as a person. 


She does best with quiet spaces and places.  She can hold it together in a crowd, but will breakdown later over it.  She isn't afraid to get dirty, but she doesn't like bugs (at all)!  You can imagine how that works out with Paprika who never met a bug she didn't love!  Ginger tries to squash a bee and Paprika yells:  Don't hurt my best friend! 

Never a dull moment.  ;-)

Ginger's very best friends are her sisters, and she has an amazing relationship with both Paprika and Violet.  They play together and never (okay, hardly ever) fight.  They spend hours together imagining and playing, and are very gentle with each other.  They are extremely loyal and very inclusive.  They sort of embody that Three Musketeers saying:  All for one and one for all!


If Ginger had it her way, she would stay home all the time and play math games, read stories, play in the backyard with her sisters and Daisy, and help me around the house.  She loves to help me do everything...she is the first to pick up the house, will help me do laundry, and is great with helping me with my cooking-ish (what I call my cooking since I don't really cook! ha!)


When we go somewhere that I think is fun (Disneyland, a great museum, to a party, etc.) - I will always ask everyone what their favorite part is - and Ginger will always say the same thing:  My favorite part was when we went home!

And it's true - she loves being at home!

My heart holds a special place for my sweet Ginger - the girl who came less than a year after her twin sisters passed away. The girl who brought so much laughter and love into our home. The girl who made a big sister out of Paprika. I never take a moment for granted with my sweet Ginger (or any of my girls) - that is a gift I have been given - the honor of raising them, and being present for them through all of their ups, downs, quirks, and milestones. It is such a privilege, I can hardly put it into words.

Tomorrow is her last day of being 3 years old. My heart hurts but I am excited for her. #bittersweet

I'm looking forward to a week of celebrating the beautiful life of my sweet Ginger-Bear. Or as she calls herself: Ginger Anneliese Lucy Earth Angel Sweetheart.

Every day with Ginger is a celebration and I am so lucky and blessed to be her mom. She is my dream come true.


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Lovely post Erika. Happy Birthday Ginger!