Monday, June 3, 2013

Countdown to Summer Break!


Did I mention Paprika has THREE more weeks of school left?!  And it's the most packed three weeks she's had all year.  It's practically a field trip/day, plus a presentation, plus Open House, plus a party or two, plus twelve thousand things I'm forgetting. It's a full-time job keeping this little schedule straight.

So, anyhoo - we have been pretending it's summer - because to me, June EQUALS summer break!  ;-)

We set up the bouncy castle in the backyard.  Always a hit!  :-)



We've been going to the park a lot!  Violet is a fan of the slides and she is fearless (of course!):


Paprika has been working hard at swim team.  She LOVES going and never ever EVER wants to miss it:




Ginger, on the other hand - would much prefer to go to the park.  I tried to convince Ginger to take swim lessons and do pre-swim team this summer, but she wanted NO part of it!  She doesn't like to get her hair wet!  I'm serious...

Here's Ginger at the park feeding the ducks during Paprika's swim team practice:


The girls have been playing in the backyard until dark - which is getting late because, like I's SUMMER! 


We have been having the best time swimming over at Paula's house.  The girls LOVE it like you would not believe and look forward to it so much!


Ginger loves it, too.  Well, except when she gets her hair wet!  Ha!


I have to be really careful not to tell Paprika we're going to Paula's until two seconds before it's time to go - otherwise it's ALL I'll hear about.  "Is it time to go to Paula's yet?  Is it time yet?  When will it be time?  How many more minutes?"

Once I made the mistake of telling her before bedtime, and she did not sleep AT ALL, she was so excited!


On Saturday, before we went to Paula's, Paprika made her own paper dolls.  She made tons of them and lots of outfits, too.  So cute!

Morning spent making paper dolls...

Another one of Ginger at the park:


Violet LOVES to steal Paprika's goggles, and thinks it's the funniest thing ever to wear them:


See?!  :-)


I hope I make it through the next three weeks of Kindergarten!   I am so ready, so so so ready for Summer Break!  :-)

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Ida Sukalo said...

Hi Erika, your blog is so heartwarming! What a great mommy you are!!! Your children are precious! You are a blessed family! Your fellow blogger, Ida