Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sea Lions and Open House!


I think I might be losing my mind because I could have sworn I posted these pictures - but then I went back and I am pretty sure I didn't!

This is end of the year school stuff - and I have to document it ALL for posterity, you know!  ;-)  Ha!

The top picture is Paprika on the morning of her Sea Life Report she had to give to her kindergarten class.  As you can tell the visual aide was done entirely by her (Hahahahahaha) - Okay, she had a little help!  ;-)  But I kid you not, this is what was expected, and our board wasn't even the biggest or the most elaborate.

She chose sea lions because we had a lot of pictures of her interacting with sea lions - so it was an easy sea life topic to research and an easy board for us to make!

This is Paprika on the night of the Open House at school.  Miss Christina babysat the little ones, and I took Paprika by herself.  Mr. M met us at school - he fought traffic and made it just in time!  Our hero!


Proud of her class:


Showing us the calendar:


The mermaid she made:


Art sculptures on display:


Showing Mr. M her writing projects:


And some cool hanging artwork she made:


 Paprika and Me:


It was a great Open House!  Even though Mr. M and I volunteer a lot in the classroom, it was fun to be there with Paprika at night.  She had so much fun showing the product of her hard work to us!

I can't believe Kindergarten is OVER!  It was a great year - and I am happy and a little sad at this rite of passage.  I could not be prouder of Paprika - she amazes me every single day...

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Mimi said...

You must be a very proud Mum, Paprika is growing up in so many amazing ways. She sounds like a really wonderful little lady, and looks like one too.
Beautiful post!