Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Beauty of Ordinary Days!


Sometimes I look at my photos and they seem so ordinary.  No one is scaling Mt. Everest or skiing down the Alps.  But even if they are ordinary, to me they are so beautiful because they capture these very real moments in an otherwise ordinary life.

Like a house filled with music and a baby who can't get enough singing and pounding out her songs on the keyboard:


I think she was born singing, and maybe even sang me sweet songs when she was in my womb:


My little pianist who takes her study of music very seriously.  This is the first year she's played real Christmas Carols.  I love every one handed note of goodness she eeks out:


Great forts made out of couch cushions.  This is the Big Igloo made for a pretend trip to Antarctica:


They even made a door to keep out the chilly frozen air!:


Lots of noise...I mean, heard here on a daily basis.  Can you tell how much Ginger wants her very own recorder?  Don't worry, she had her turn, too!  ;-)


Lots of Mini-Masterpieces are created in this house on a daily (hourly?) basis.  Many are erased and some are recycled - if we kept them all, they'd soon be wallpapering the house.  So, sometimes photos have to capture the moments before they Poof into memories.  Here's Ginger with her drawing of me.  As she says:  This is a picture of you, Mama, because I love you wish all my heart. 


Paprika's Underwater Mermaid Sea Adventure.  Paprika (age 6) is starting to learn that mermaids are "just pretend" - but she assures me that it doesn't mean they're not real.  :-)


Precious hours spent in the backyard.  Paprika pushing Ginger on the swings:


Jumping on the trampoline.  Paprika had just taken a shower (that's why her hair is wet).  She got herself dressed and did her own hair.  Next thing you know, she'll be borrowing my keys and going to the store to pick up milk.


Where was I?  Oh yes, days spent in the backyard bouncing...


And bouncing...


And laughing...


And holding your best friend's hand:


Hula Hooping:


Just beause it's fun:


And why not?!


We have all the time in the world:


Paprika reads Ginger stories before bedtime.  I am usually taking care of Baby Violet trying to get her to sleep, so after I read a quick one or two stories to them, Paprika and Ginger have their story hour together.  Paprika is teaching Ginger (age 3) to read, and Ginger is actually picking it up quickly. 


Before long, Ginger will be reading stories to Baby Violet.  These ordinary days will give rise to new ones:


Ginger and Paprika want to share a bed (even though they have their own beds). Sometimes it's fun to get under the covers with your sister and tell stories and sing songs until you fall asleep. I let them laugh and giggle for as long as I can...but sometimes they can go all night long, so I have to bring out Serious Mommy.  Haha.  ;-)


And last, but not little Violet. She is never ever far from my arms and in fact I'm usually carrying her when I'm snapping photos of my big girls. She is still such a baby, even though she has big ideas, too.

In this picture, she looks like she's about to compose a symphony. In ink.  Haha.

Even though my days are so very ordinary to some, I love them because these days make up my lifeAnd what a beautiful life it is.  I am so grateful every day for the miracle of these ordinary moments. 

Strung together, these moments fill my days, and these days make a life.  I can't take a second of it for granted...each moment is a gift (even the hard moments) - it's true. Life all goes so quickly, I can't help but say thanks as each little moment passes through me and on to the next.

The End.

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Mimi said...

Erika, I can't imagine how anyone would think your photos ordinary; they're beautiful! They capture special moments of days, and that to me is magical.
Looks like you have 3 musicians on your hands! In the band where my kids play, the musical director told me that they always start the kids on the recorder, cos everything they learn playing the recorder will be useful when they start other instruments too.
I love that your piano is right in the centre of things too.