Thursday, December 20, 2012

Don't Blink!


I used to feel a little bad for my sweet Ginger - stuck in the middle between her two sisters.  Now I see it for what it is - how incredibly lucky she is to have two very best friends.  :-)


She is three and a half now (as of two days ago).  Closer to Four than Three.  Smart, stubborn, funny, independent, helpful, loving...doesn't this picture just say it all?:


And then some days, I think I'm experiencing deja vu! This what things looked like two years ago in our house:

If Paprika hadn't chopped all of Ginger's hair off back in August, I think we'd be seeing carbon copies here. For the record, I do like Ginger's pixie cut...I still haven't had it "fixed" - when I look at Ginger's haircut, it makes me smile to remember how proud the girls were of their "hair salon!" Haha.


I can't believe my sweet Ginger was ever so little!  When I look at this picture of Ginger as a baby, I see my sweet little Violet.  I know that if I blink for a second, Violet will be three and a half, too.  So I'd better not blink!  ;-)


I am savoring these moments. In the days leading up to Christmas, I am  reminding myself to focus on of the joy of the Season. To take time to really look at my girls and connect with them. To let go of expectations I have for myself and others - and to just be in the moment and live this Christmas as it happens. will be a whole new year before we know it!.


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bearie1 said...

I love reading about your girlies. Merry Christmas!