Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Good Doggie!


Daisy eats anything and everything. I've taught her not to steal food from Baby Violet, not to beg at the table (she's 50/50 on that)...but I guess I overlooked one little thing.

Yesterday, Ginger had an enormous poop on her little potty. She yelled for me to come see it (so I could show her how proud I am). Daisy raced in front of me, galloping like a horse, and made it to the bathroom before I did.

Two seconds later, I heard screams coming from the bathroom. In an instant, I found out what had happened. Daisy had rushed in and eaten everything.  The potty was licked clean.  I guess Daisy still needs to learn a thing or two about snack-time etiquitte.  In the meantime, I really don't want to be the one brushing her teeth!  ;-)


The End. (Literally!)

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Allison said...

OMG, that is SO gross, but so something my dog would try to do too! If I forget to toss a dirty diaper in the trash, she goes hog wild over it! NASTY! But hey, at least you didn't have much of a clean-up with the potty! ;o)