Thursday, December 6, 2012

Silver Linings


This week has me turned upside down. Mr. M's schedule has totally changed (he's working on the Ricki Lake show now) - and so he's been home a little more (excellent!) - but it's changed our whole schedule.   Just when you think you've got everything figured out - boom - it all changes!  ;-)

It's been raining a lot, and everything looks so green. Even our backyard is looking decidedly less brown. Haha! We've been spending more time outdoors - everything is so lush! Daisy Doodlebug has been inside with us a lot because if she goes outside, she gets so very muddy. I was cleaning off muddy dog paws a billion times per day, so now she is just inside with us unless she has to go out to you know...

I had Paprika's parent-teacher conference on Wednesday. I love her school and her teacher so much. Since Mr. M is working more nights now, I can volunteer in the classroom a little more since he is home during the day.

Yesterday, I filled in for another mom who couldn't make it to her volunteer time. I sat in the back of the classroom, cutting and sorting little craft projects. I helped a bunch of the kids learn how to make the number "8" and how to tell time (of course not Paprika since she's known all that for years - haha). Her class is so sweet - I get so much from going to it. Mr. M loves going, too. He says that I "hog" all the volunteer opportunities. Haha.


The swim team banquet was last night. They had Hawaiian food (surprisingly yummy!) - and a big pool party with fun music playing. Mr. M got in the pool with the girls before he had to go to work. Violet stayed with me and I could tell she wanted more than anything to get in that pool!

 Paprika got a little participation award and was so proud of it. I don't know if she got anymore awards because we had to leave before the award ceremony ended because Ginger was freezing, Violet was tired, and Mr. M had to go to work! But we stayed almost until the I didn't feel so bad leaving a little early (and they were running over).


This week has also been a little crazy because well, on Friday, I lost feeling on half of my body.  My arms and legs were tingling, and then by Saturday, I couldn't feel anything.  I figured out that I had pinched a nerve from sleeping in a weird position, and I was basically immobilized. 

I remembered growing up and my Grandpa teaching me about pinched nerves.  He was a Chiropractor, and he taught me so much.  So, this past weekend, even though I was in a lot of pain, I thought of my Grandpa and that made me smile because even though he passed away, I often feel that he is still with me and his spirit is watching over me.  That was the silver lining of my pinched nerve and being in pain for the past week - it made me feel closer to my Grandpa and think of all the wonderful memories I have growing up with him.  Those memories are so very precious to me.



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