Friday, December 28, 2012

I'll Feel Better Someday!


For the past week, we've all been fighting being sick...and we've all been in denial about it.  Ha!  On Christmas Day, we stayed indoors the whole day and so by the next day, we were itching to get out and breathe in some fresh air.

Everyone seemed to be feeling fine-ish, so we had a little family trip to the beach.  Ginger has been asking to make sand castles for weeks, so who am I to stand in the way of a girl and her dream?


We got to the beach and it was so windy and cold!  We were the only people at the beach - I didn't even have to photoshop anyone out of my beach pics to make it look desolate!  Haha.


The girls went back and forth between shivering and having a great time.  But after not too long, we decided the park would be better (less wind).  So, not only did the girls get to go to the beach, but they also got to visit the park (but that didn't last too long either because it was flooded!)  Then, Mr. M took the big girls to the library, while I took Baby Violet home for a much needed nap!


So, needless to say, the Day After Christmas was very busy and full of adventure.  Which would be great except that it probably was just a little too much...and by the next day everyone was super sick and continues to be a miserable hot mess. 

We should have been resting, but our zeal got the best of us and now we're spending the last few days of 2012 paying the price (a small price, but it's still miserable).


Even though Baby Violet is so congested she can barely breathe (and thus is sleeping in ten minute shifts) - she still manages to make us all laugh.  Nothing gets this girl down for long!  ;-)


The girls brought home a mountain of books from the library, so the past few days we've been having marathon reading sessions at home.  Ginger dresses herself now (can you tell?)  - I am so thankful she's wearing clothes, I can't say anything about whether or not they match.  And if you ask Ginger, they do match...which is all that counts!  Haha.


Paprika has been in bed reading all sorts of great books.  She checked out a stack of books about Frida Kahlo (her fourth favorite painter after Van Gogh, Picasso, and O'Keeffe).  I was kind of on the fence on whether or not Paprika was really sick or if she was just emulating Frida Kahlo (who spent a great deal of time sick in bed over the course of her life). 

So, I told Paprika that people who are sick are not allowed to have any chocolate (which is Paprika's #1 favorite food of all time, ever) but that if she was feeling good, I'd go get her some chocolate.

Paprika looked up at me with the saddest eyes  and said, "I'm really not well enough to have some chocolate now.  But if you wouldn't mind, could you save me a piece because I am sure I will feel better someday." 



The End.


Devon said...

ginger's outfit is AWESOME! love her!

Kim said...

LOVE that picture of Paprika reading! And someday she will feel better-poor girl! I hope you are all feeling better soon!