Monday, July 2, 2012

Hi July!


What a weekend - we did it ALL! Well, at least it felt that way. :-) Mr. M did end up taking the big girls to see Brave (even though I didn't want him to!) Paprika thought it was okay. Ginger was terrified and had nightmares last night about a bear. Hmmmm. Wonder why?! It was a good try, though, and something they will probably always remember. ;-)

Part of Sunday, we grabbed lunch at Rubio's and brought it over to Paprika's school. We let the girls play on the playground while we ate. We were in the kindergarten playground, and one of the kindergarten teachers showed up. I talked to her for quite awhile and she kinda let it slip that Paprika is in her class next year! That is top secret info (class lists aren't posted until a few days before school). So, now I know who Paprika's teacher is even though I'm not supposed to know!

Paprika couldn't decide which shoes to wear to the playground (she loves them both) - so she decided to wear both:


Saturday we took the girls to the park for a little playdate with a family we met there last week. They have one little girl Paprika's age, and a baby. I was actually off walking with Violet last week when the girls were playing (Mr. M was supervising), so I didn't get to meet this little girl and her family.


This week, I was there and while the little girl was super cute, I did NOT like the way she treated Ginger. Basically, she kept telling Paprika to run away from Ginger and not play with her. I kept encouraging them to play with Ginger (Paprika is always super inclusive of Ginger when she plays with others)- but the little girl kept acting really poorly towards Ginger.

So...long story short, that is the last time we will meet up with that little girl. I know it probably sounds harsh, but I will not stand for that c-r-a-p. I take the bond that my kids have together very seriously, and if anyone tries to undermind that, they are OUT. I feel like one of the best gifts we can give our girls is to nurture their friendship with one another, so they (hopefully) have it for a lifetime. I want to strengthen their love and bond, that's all. I know I won't always have control over that, but right now, I do.

So, anyhoo. Ginger still had a great day at the park. She got to push Mr. M on the baby swing. :-)


On Saturday, the girls spent about three hours at the pool (before we went to the park) with Mr. M while I caught up on a bunch of errands with Violet (grocery shopping, cleaning, etc.) When they got home, we couldn't find Paprika for a minute, and then found her in our bedroom like this:


I had to take a picture - she was just too cute!

So, that was the least the parts I can remember off the top of my head on this sleep-deprived Monday! Is it Friday yet?! Haha. :-)

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Kim said...

I love that picture of Paprika! I don't blame you for not wanting the girls around a child who acts like that. I agree with using the control while you have it. These are the years that those foundations are laid and it is so important to be consistent.