Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Somebody That I Used To Know...


Family, by Ginger. Age 2 years 10 months!

Ginger and Paprika are very prolific artists. Ginger (age 3) can create dozens of "masterpieces" in an hour - I have drawers filled with her artwork, and stacks on the shelves.

I feel like all I do is buy reams of white paper. Not really, but kinda. I figure that the more paper I supply, the less likely our walls will end up being a canvas. Although, that happens, too!

I had a great filing system for it all when Paprika was little, and I am sure I'll get back to that someday...but for now, our art gallery is the refrigerator (drawings stacked six deep under a single magnet), and anywhere else their drawings will fit.

Both girls have a definite "style" of their own. Ginger always draws people (families) and they all look quite similar. I grabbed a few I had in the kitchen, and took some pictures of them. They are pretty indicative of what she's drawing now. There is this one drawing she did recently that was so amazing (to me) - I put it somewhere special, and now I can't remember where that is. Ha! That is my crazy life at the moment. ;-)

Here is another drawing she did - maybe a month or two ago:


And a portrait of me, her mama. Don't I look beeeeautiful! :-)


When we go out to dinner (usually just Rubio's these days), I always bring crayons and paper for the girls. At dinner a few weeks ago, Paprika (age 5) drew this drawing while we were waiting for our dinner to arrive:


If you can't tell, here is the inspiration for her drawing (a video she saw ONCE!):

I know I am their mama, but I never cease to be impressed by Paprika and Ginger. Just when I think I have them all figured out, they surprise me with something new and inspire me to think differently.

Have a great 4th of July! Fingers crossed Mr. M doesn't have to work tomorrow - I am so looking forward to having the day together. :-)

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Shelly said...

This cracks me up because it is my 3 year old's FAVORITE song! She thinks it is about the Easter bunny though so I can't show her the video because I find it hilarious that she sings about "Some BUNNYYYYY".

noswimmers said...

You have some very talented little girls! That's amazing that ginger can draw people at her age. Looks like the drawing of you maybe has Violet in a baby carrier?? So cute. :)