Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Weekend Is For Partying!


It's already Tuesday, but I am still flying high from our very busy weekend. A weekend full of indulgence and fun, I might add!

Friday we spent the afternoon with some friends at the playground. The girls got soooooo dirty, it was unbelievable. I took them home afterwards and had to scrub (really scrub) the dirt off them. That's a sign of a good time, right?!

Friday night I got to go out with one of my friends - I haven't done that in so long. It's amazing how refreshing a glass of wine, an uninterrupted meal, and some girl talk can be. I didn't want the night to end, so I ordered dessert. :-)

Saturday, Paprika had a birthday party to attend...at that indoor bouncy house place. We got there and she was the ONLY girl at the party! The only one, in a sea of screaming six year old boys. She wanted to stay, so I had Mr. M stay with her while I took Ginger and Violet home. That place is way too rowdy for Ginger, and even Paprika had a hard time with it. I'm hoping that if she goes to birthday parties at this particular bounce house often enough that she will NOT want her birthday party there. Haha.

Anyway, I got home and saw on Facebook that two of my friends/neighbors were having a rib cook-off that evening. I jokingly asked if they wanted judges, and they invited us! It was last minute and impromptu- but it was just awesome. Mr. M and Paprika got home from the birthday party, and we all went over for dinner. Halfway through dinner, Paprika jumped in the pool with her clothes on...and so then it became a swimming party!

I went and got swimsuits and a floatie for Ginger, and they had the best time just swimming in the pool while the adults chatted poolside (we were always supervising them...don't worry!)

Violet missed her nap, but she held her own pretty well at the party and had a great time being passed back and forth between our friends. When we got home, she was so tired she fell asleep for the whole night. :-) That was pretty great!

violet-sleeping 2

We also had our weekly family picnic - we picked up food and hit the playground for the afternoon. I had planned on re-doing the family pictures, but when we got to our spot, they had trimmed the trees so much there was no shade - I mean, I am surprised the trees are still standing! So, I've got to find a new spot. I even got a remote for the camera, so I can try to take pictures without one of us running back and forth to set the timer.

Sunday night we were going to go out to dinner as a family, but Ginger refused to wear clothes and I didn't feel like paying good money to experience a meltdown...so, we ordered in and dined at home. If it sounds like all I did all weekend was eat and drink wine, well...that's about right! Haha. But it was a good and relaxing weekend.

Monday came too quickly with all its responsibilities - so we are back to reality now. I signed Paprika up for double daily swim lessons again (what was I thinking?!!!) - so now I am back to the routine of occupying Ginger and Violet for two hours every day while Paprika splashes in the pool. Ah, to be five years old again! :-)

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Tracy said...

That sounds like the perfect family weekend! :)