Thursday, July 19, 2012

Groundhog Day!


I was talking to Devon the other day about how every day lately is seeming like Groundhog Day. The movie, not the holiday. Maybe that just means we have hit our summertime rhythm...our stride. :-)

Paprika has had double swim lesson every weekday for the past two weeks. So, she has a private lesson for 45 minutes, and then right after that she has her group lesson with two or three other kids.

This means I spend an hour and a half entertaining Ginger and Violet while Paprika is in the pool. I so wish Ginger would have taken lessons. But, she is very stubborn on that issue! So, for the first half of Paprika's lesson, Ginger usually plays educational games on the IPad. She's learned all her letters, the sounds they make, all her numbers up to 50, and she's teaching herself Chinese! Not to mention that she draws pretty cool artwork on the IPad. I know people are judging me when they see my barely three year old playing with the IPad. But, who gives a hoot. Really.

When she's "done" with the IPad (about 30 minutes in), I chase her around the park and try to get her to keep her clothes on. She is NOT a fan of clothes these days, so it is very challenging. Haha!


Anyway, the swimming has been a commitment for all of us but it is so worth it. It has been amazing for Paprika's self confidence and mood regulation. She is such a happy kid when she's in the water, and the effects last for the rest of the day.

We've also been doing an at-home art camp! That just means that I've bought a ton of art supplies and let the girls have at it.


They love painting, and last week I also got them oil pastels. They were such a hit - I took some solid colored scrapbooking paper I had in the closet (bright colors)- and the art they created was amazing. I am going to have to take some photos of that...but for now, here are the girls painting (and Ginger in her favorite shirt, of says Everyone know, like the book). :-)


Here's Daisy chilling in the backyard. She thinks she is a lapdog (probably because I carried her in the Ergo until she was 5 months old). She is really an awesome doggie. When I throw the ball with her in the backyard, she will jump up on the picnic table to hand me the ball because she knows it's hard for me to lean down with Violet in the Ergo. This picture was taken before her most recent bath, so she's looking a little dusty!

She is so gentle with the girls, and has become very close with Ginger (age 3). I had hoped for Paprika to have a closer relationship with Daisy, but so far that hasn't happened. Paprika is much more interested in insects, everything from roly polys to butterflies. I think Daisy overwhelms her a bit, but for Ginger, Daisy's temperment is perfect.


Paprika is very happy just to be off in her head, making friends with the bees and spiders, snails, and butterflies.

A few weeks ago before bedtime we were reading a book (Frog and Toad), and there was this part about a snail. Paprika stopped me and said, "I have snail friends, you know." I said, "Oh, what are their names?" She said, "Slugga and Lucy. And I have butterfly friends, too. Monty and White Pixie." For the record, Monty is what she named her butterfly who we released a YEAR ago. ;-)

So, the next day we were at the park and she saw a little white butterfly and ran over to it, saying: "White Pixie! So great to see you! I am so glad you are here. Flutter around and I'll see you soon!"


And then, just so you don't think I am forgetting about someone, here is Violet yesterday when we went over to my friend's pool for the afternoon. The big girls were in the pool and Violet was having a great time being passed back and forth and being loved on. She is a happy girl, and is truly up for whatever. Who has time for naps when life is so exciting? :-)


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Kim said...

Paprika sounds so much like Brennan, he talks to everything! So sweet:)

Devon said...

I saw the post title and I was like "I bet this is from our talk yesterday!" Ha!

Even though the days run together your girls look like they are having the best time! I wanna come live at your house :)

And Daisy is too cute!!! I love her!

I need a nap said...

You are amazing. Not only do you manage to accomplish so much with your chidren, but you update your blog ALL THE TIME too! With tons of pictures. I rarely (never?) comment, but check your blog regularly, knowing that you hardly ever disappoint. I hope that blogging is your down time, cause you sure do need some of that too! Keep it up...and if this adds pressure to you to come up with blog posts, then please delete the entire comment, as that is the last thing I want to do. Just wanted to say Thankyou and that I admire you!