Saturday, July 28, 2012

It's The Little Things


Yesterday, Paprika ate a whole banana. I know this may not seem newsworthy to most, but around here, it was a big deal!

If you've been reading this blog long, you know that Paprika saw a Pediatric OT for many months for feeding issues. We've travelled to the moon and back to try to get Paprika to expand her diet.

She ate a strawberry once (a year ago). And yesterday, she ate a WHOLE banana. It was awesome! She gagged on it at first, but was able to get it down, and then she said it was delicious.

I was so proud of her, I can't even express it appropriately. It is funny for me to say that I am proud of my daughter for eating a banana, but's about trying new things. When you see your child succeed at something that you know is really hard for them, it is just such an awesome feeling. I don't think I'd be more proud if she won an Olympic Gold medal. Go Paprika, Go!

Now the trick is getting her to eat it a second time. Haha! ;-)

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Mimi said...

Here they have a program in school, called something like "food dudes", where they try new fruit and veggies, week 1 they get a prize just for tasting, week 2 for taking 1 bite, and so on.
Paprika did great to eat a full banana!

bearie1 said...

My daughter had eating issues also. I understand what a big deal this is. Hurrah for Paprika eating a whole banana.