Monday, July 9, 2012

Down At The Schoolyard!


We've spent a lot of time lately trespassing...I mean...hanging out at Paprika's school. Part of it is getting her acquainted with the new playground/outdoor area she'll be at in the Fall in Kindergarten. And part of it is just because it's a fun place to go for the girls, and's fenced. Which, in my book, is always crucial when you've got kids like mine. Haha!


We usually pick up lunch on the way over - Rubio's is the current favortie. :-)


So, anyway, this is basically how we spent last weekend. I am trying to think of what else we did, but at the moment it's not coming to mind. I know we did more than just hang out at the park. But then again, I had a to-do list a mile long of things I wanted to get accomplished this weekend (putting away laundry was at the top of that list)- and on Sunday night, I realized I had accomplished nothing. Like, not even one load of laundry was put away. Ha!


But, I know we did take the girls to ice cream. And there was a trip to Home Depot somewhere in there. And we put up a little fence in our front yard to keep out irresponsible dog walkers.

I think Ginger's shirt pretty much sums up what I'm saying here. ;-)


Mostly, though, we just did a lot of playing at the park and playground on Saturday and Sunday.

On Sunday, we brought the bikes. Paprika's bike is kinda big for her. I actually found it at Goodwill and snatched it up faster than you can say Jack Rabbit. It was a heckuva find. She was pretty nervous about riding it (even after we got training wheels on it) - so I am not sure if she was riding the bike, or she was just sitting on something while I pushed her. Not sure.


Ginger chose her own outfit for bike riding. I guess she wanted to be protected. Haha!


Eventually, Ginger ditched her bike and Paprika ended up riding Ginger's bike. Paprika thought that was so funny, and actually ended up loving the little bike. Then, Mr. M ended up riding Paprika's bike.


It was all kinds of crazy. What can I say, we know how to party. :-)


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noswimmers said...

Paprika looks so grown up on the big girl bike! :(
Such a beautiful family!