Saturday, May 5, 2012

Violet's First Disneyland Trip!


Well, we decided that it was high time Baby Violet took her first trip to Disneyland. She is already five months, afterall!

The last time we were there was back in September, when I was pregnant with Violet...and her name was Pavenzia! Haha. The last time we were there, we ran into Seal and Heidi...and now they're divorced. Poof! Things change so quickly in Hollywood. ;-)


Back to last week. We went on a Thursday, so there were almost no crowds. Hallelujah! We got to ride a lot of rides. Baby Violet went on most of the rides, but the crazy ones (like the teacups) - she stayed with either me or Mr. M while the other one of us took the big girls.


The teacups are the girls' favorite ride. They are, incidentally, Mr. M's least favorite ride. Haha.


Baby Violet was very brave and happy to ride all the rides we put her on. We even rode Pirates of The Caribbean as a family.

Paprika has been scared to ride that one for at least two years, but she mustered up the courage to do it this time, and now it's her favorite ride. There's a little hill you ride down in complete darkness at the beginning of the ride. It ends with a big splash in water. Baby Violet was sitting on my lap, squealing and kicking. I was wondering what she was thinking! Paprika and Ginger didn't like the big splash- Paprika was mad it got her new mermaid top wet. I told her mermaid tops are supposed to get wet...mermaids do like the water, afterall!

The park was virtually empty, and we had a lot of chances to just enjoy some peaceful time. This is a picture of me and Baby Violet over at California Adventure next to the Monsters Inc. ride. Violet was a little hungry, so we waited (and I fed her) while Mr. M took the big girls on the Monsters Inc. ride a half dozen times...


And, of course, what trip to D-Land is complete without at least a few turns on It's A Small World! I was glad to introduce Baby Violet to this little favorite. She actually loved all the rides and was a great girl the whole day. We ended up staying at the parks until closing time (8pm) - not a bad first trip to Disneyland. Hopefully she'll grow up loving it as much as her sisters do. I am betting so!


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