Saturday, May 12, 2012

One Moment In Time!


Most days lately look like this: Ginger on my back, Violet on my front, and Paprika holding my hand. Lots of times, we can be leisurely and go at a two year old's pace, but for kindergarten school drop off and pick-up, it's a little different. We have to be there at a certain time, and with hundreds of kids all getting out of school at the same time, it can be CHAOS! Hence, my little front/back carry system was born. It keeps Ginger close and safe, and she LOVES her "piggy back" rides.

I used to get A LOT of looks and stares with this get-up. Now, the other moms at school are used to it and nobody looks twice! Occasionally, I'll wear this to Trader Joe's or out running errands, and then I get a lot of looks. A LOT. It's also a little unwieldy pushing a grocery cart in front of me. It's like wearing a huge sign on my forehead: "Wide Load Comin' Through!" People tend to get out of the way of this crazy train. Haha. But it also makes my grocery store experience about one thousand times easier...and I think there's something to be said for that!

I brought my camera to school the other day and had one of my friends snap a picture of us this way. This is our life NOW, but I know that it's just one moment in time. Next year will look different. Maybe Ginger (who will be 3) will want to wear clothes and shoes, and will want to walk beside me. This time next year, Baby Violet will be a full-fledged toddler. It goes by fast - blink!

So, this is what NOW looks like for us most days. I have to say, I kinda (no, really) love it. And yes, my muscles are getting quite strong. ;-)

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Allison said...

My back hurts just looking at this picture! But us moms have to do what we have to do!