Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Made It Out With My Life...Just Barely!


Today after school, Paprika was invited to the birthday party of two of her classmates (boy/girl twins). It was at one of those bounce house places, and everyone in her class was going. So, of course, we went, too! Siblings were invited, so I brought Ginger and baby Violet.

Some parents (the ones who have been through this before) just dropped their kids off and bolted for the door. Now I see why! Haha.

It was totally overwhelming sensory-wise. I wasn't sure how Ginger would do because she was so much smaller than the other kids and the equipment was ginormous. She's so exhausted from her trip to Santa Barbara (she woke up at 3am last night and had a hard time going back to sleep). So, she was tired and crabby and about to fall asleep (but of course NOT falling asleep).

I knew I couldn't just drop off Paprika at the party because she has big sensory issues (and food issues), and I really needed to be there for her because something little could go wrong and boom...anxiety attack and meltdown! I am able to calm her down and ground her when I see that kind of thing coming on, so I just knew I had to be there for the what if scneario.

So, I stayed. Ginger climbed to the top of the enormous play structure and got stuck and started crying and screaming frantically. So, I had to climb up and get her (with Violet in the Ergo). Then, Ginger got to the top of the slide and was too scared to go down and started crying.

Finally, Ginger had enough and wanted to go home. But the party still had two hours left (and Paprika was NOT leaving without having some chocolate cake - besides which, she was having a great time). So, I took Ginger to the van and got out the IPad and let her learn her numbers and letters, and play this game that teaches kids Chinese. It was Heavenly. I had a moment of solace right there in the parking lot, sitting inside the van with Ginger and Violet while Paprika stayed at the party. (I told the workers I was out in my van if they needed me).

Then we went back inside for food and cake, but of course my kids did not want to eat the food and drinks being served (pizza and lemonade)- so they both had a cup of lukewarm tap water. Finally, the cake was served. Horray!

But then Paprika got a balloon and a stuffed monkey, and Ginger didn't. I finally got Ginger a monkey and a balloon, but Paprika accidentally let Ginger's balloon fly away. That was awesome.

And then I got baby Violet to fall asleep but she was awoken suddenly by the shrieks of a bunch of kids high on sugar. So, now she's fussy and can't fall back asleep.

So, like I said, I survived. But just barely!

Next time, I will drop off and RUN!!!! Hahahaha.


P.S. Paprika did GREAT at the party. She had a wonderful time, and really held it together. I am so proud of her. She even wants to hold her birthday party there- to which I said...ummmmm, we'll see! ;-)

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Kim said...

It sounds like a crazy escapade for you! I'm glad she did well and had fun!