Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Feels Like Summer!


Paprika has about six more weeks of school left (I know!) - but already it's feeling a lot like summer. I am working on figuring out what we are going to do all summer, but I already know it will likely include lots of trips to the park, swimming at the pool, and vegging. Paprika wants to take swimming, soccer, and ballet this summer...so it looks like we'll be busy. I may also start her back up on piano lessons. I am also tossing around the idea of the girls doing gymnastics, but I'm on the fence about that.

Just the sound of all these activities is a little exhausting, especially now that Ginger is getting to the age that she'll be asking to do activities, too (she'll be three in a month!) I know we have to pick and choose, especially for my sanity! Haha!

Baby Violet is along for the ride, of course! Here she is participating in a game of hide-and-go seek at the park the other day. She is a good sport:


Hide and go seek never gets old in our family. When I play with Ginger, we usually just play with her little toys and hide them because I am too tired to physically hide myself. Her little toys are easier to hide - I just tuck them under my sweater and - boom - instant hiding spot!

Paprika has higher standards for hide-and-go seek and actually requires you to play the game for real...even though she is always quite easy to find! And then she always acts so surprised when you do find her:


Here is another portrait by Paprika. I love handing her the camera and seeing what happens:


So, now that it feels like summer, I am already mentally preparing myself for the big girls' birthdays. Ginger turns three on 6/18 and Paprika will be six on 8/16! Sigh. I need to do a post on each child and what they are doing right now because I know I will blink and it will all change. And then I'll blink again and summer will be gone. I just wish I could freeze time for a little bit. Right now it all seems like magic. (They are all sleeping as I type this - ha!)


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1 comment:

Mimi said...

Oh WOW! Paprika has such an eye with the camera...I see a career behind the lens for her, or maybe in film?
They're all beautiful, and i know what you mean about freezing time, that is such a lovely stage and time just flies.
I wish it felt like summer here, we've only 4 weeks of school left (actually 3.5!!) but it's soooo cold, we still have the heating on, can't believe it's May.