Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Edge of Three!


In just a few weeks, my little Tigger - I mean, Ginger - turns 3 years old!

Here is what is going on in Ginger's world as she is still 2 years old (as she often reminds me):

Ginger is my little energizer snuggle bunny. She loves staying up late. She loves sleeping next to me. She is always up for adventure, as long as I am by her side.

Her favorite place to go is to the park to feed the ducks. Or Disneyland, of course!

She is my little helper around the house. She helps me do the laundry, put dishes in the dishwasher, change baby Violet's diaper. She can even change her own diaper! (Yea, we're working on that potty training thing).


She loves animals, especially horses and doggies. She likes princesses and dolls okay, but cuddly animals are preferred.

She only likes to wear pajamas - when I can even get her to wear clothes at all! She like pajamas so much that I reorganized her closet and put away most of her regular clothes and just left out the pajamas. She won't wear the rest of her clothes, and so they were just taking up valuable drawer space! Hopefully baby Violet can make use of all those beautiful (unworn) clothes someday! :-)

Ginger's favorite foods are: turkey sandwiches with mayo, mayo bread (which is just bread with mayonnaise), grapes, blueberries, strawberries, canteloupe, watermelon, chocolate Luna bars, vanilla ice cream, and goldfish crackers.

It's 50/50 whether Ginger will eat something that you order her in a restaurant. Usually, I just order for her instead of myself and then if she doesn't touch her food, Mr. M and I will share her lunch. It took a few tries for us to learn this, and we wised up pretty quickly on that one. But let's face it, with three little kids, our restaurant outings are not as frequent as they used to be!


Ginger is at that age where she still wants to be the baby (and I know Violet's arrival had something to do with that), and wanting to be a little girl. She goes back and forth on that - when she wants to snuggle, she's a baby. When she wants to play with Paprika's friends, she's not a baby.

Ginger loves her family more than anything. Paprika is her best friend and partner in crime. Ginger is a great protector to Baby Violet. She can't wait for that oooobly-wooobly Violet to get some teeth and start playing with her. In Ginger's words: Her is just a baby. Her needs teeth!

Ginger is very excited to go to kindergarten (when she's 5!) - mostly just so she can play on the kindergarten playground. She says she will start using the potty when she is 6! Yea, she's pretty stubborn on that one, despite our best efforts.

I had thought of putting her in preschool in the Fall, but I think she'd rather be home with me and Violet. Right now we have a pretty great routine of going on adventures together (usually just the park/playground) while Paprika is at school. These years go by so fast, and I think right now she needs time with me more than anything. So, maybe we'll wait on that preschool thing until she's 4.


For her birthday, she wants lots of balloons and a vanilla cake. That's it. She's easy to please.

This year of two has been quite a ride! I am so thankful for every sweet day with my Ginger bear. I just can't believe she's growing up so quickly...I wish I could bottle up every second of her and hold on to it forever. I have a few more weeks left of her being two, and I intend to savor every sweet little moment of it.

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RB said...

she reminds me so much of JL, I only wish we were closer so they could get into mischief together.

FourJedis said...

So sweet! She has a lot in common with C. He would eat her up. I would too, though.

Mimi said...

"Her is just a baby. Her needs teeth!", that is just so funny!
She's a cutie, isn't she. Middle/2nd child is a hard place to be, but your loving care is all she needs, and she;s getting lots of that.
Fab photos, as always!