Friday, May 18, 2012

Half A Year!


Baby Violet is now 6 months old. Whew! Time is going by so fast. I feel like I am always saying that, but it's true.

She is now a rolling machine. I don't know why she'd ever want to crawl because she can roll everywhere she wants to go and fast, too.

She can almost sit up by herself. She weighs a lot (probably 23 pounds or so?) - and I think that's a lot for her to balance. She's still nursing. Hasn't started eating baby food yet. I think I am going to start that in a little bit, and make our own babyfood in the food processor. I am waiting to get the highchair out of the garage and clean it up for her. Haha.

She has had a few licks of canteloupe from my fork and really seemed to like it. Mr. M gave her a taste of hummus the other day, and she was happy. So, I think food will be something she'll enjoy soon. :-)


She is wearing 12 month clothes now, and is just about done with her infant carseat. She wears a size 3 diaper (Ginger at almost three years old is wearing size 4 pull-ups!)

I have to put all the bouncy seats away because Baby Violet is already too big for them! She can sit up in them and that's a big no-no. So, packed away they will go. It was fun while it lasted! ;-)

She is the happiest, easiest baby. She loves being held by anyone and gives strangers big smiles whenever they hold her. She is easy-going and laid back, and just a mountain of fun. She currently is the easiest of all three kids. There, I said it! Ha!

She loves being held, and gets carried around by me all day long in the Ergo. She only falls asleep when she's being held (sounds just like Paprika and Ginger), and she wakes up whenever I put her down. So, for her naps, I always hold her. At night she'll let me lay her down next to me (which is obviously great for me so I can actually sleep, too!)

Overall, I just can't believe she's 6 months old. She is such an amazing joy and I am savoring her babyhood so much. I look at her and see the magic and wonder of God (I don't know how else to put it). She is just perfection to me.

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Tracy said...

We did Baby Led Weaning with Caed, and I loved it! I actually have a section on my blog about it to help inform people about it.
How is big sister Paprika doing with food?

FourJedis said...

She's adorable! She's gone back and forth between looking like her two sisters, but she officially is Baby Violet (her own look and all) and is so pretty just like her sisters.