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Mama's Day - Heaven and Earth!

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I must admit, I have been in a pre-Mother's Day funk the past few days. You would think, since my life revolves around raising small children, that Mother's Day is MY holiday and one that I look forward to all year long.

Well, not really. Mother's Day is complicated. I think anyone who has lost a child will tell you the same. I think Mother's Day is hard for a lot of people - somehow it's been built up as the holiday for perfect moms and perfect children...and well, many (most?) of us just don't have a life that looks like that. ;-)

In 2008, I was pregnant with Vivian and Annemarie. I was a mom of three! Now here I am, four years later, and by the looks of things, I am still a mom of three. But, of course, I am not. I have three babies in Heaven who I think about daily, and whose presence (or is it absence) is felt in all that I do.


I love all my children so deeply. The ones I get to raise, and the ones waiting for me in Heaven.

Earlier this week, I was thinking about Paprika and how she almost didn't get to grow up. My amazing, quirky, smart, laugh-riot of a girl. My Paprika.

You see, I have a lot of pregnancy difficulties, and one of them is progesterone deficiency. Without supplemental progesterone, my body can't keep a pregnancy.

It's the reason I miscarried the baby after Paprika. My other babies (Vivian, Annemarie, Ginger, and Violet) were able to grow and thrive because I took progesterone medication while I was pregnant with them.

But with Paprika, I didn't know about that. I was on my honeymoon (three years late!) in Paris, and I wasn't worried. We had been trying for a baby for almost a year, and nothing seemed to be happening. Well, it turns out that our trip to Paris did the trick. Except I came home and then I got my period. And bled and bled. If this is TMI, stop reading. ;-)

It turns out, my body didn't have enough progesterone to sustain the pregnancy. I almost miscarried her. Can you imagine? Just like that - blip - my beautiful Paprika would not have been born. It is a miracle that she is here today.


Whenever I think of babies that are miscarried, I think about how easily it would have been for Paprika to not be here. Whenever I think of Vivian and Annemarie, I look at my other children and know that had it not been for ONE little glitch in their pregnancy (a placental issue called TTTS), they would be living, growing, thriving little girls. It is such a hard thing to swallow. Sometimes when I start to think about it, my brain gets overloaded and starts to fry a bit.

I cannot imagine my life without Paprika. Just like I can't imagine my life without any of my kids. Except because of one small glitch, I do have to live my life without three of my babies (Vivian, Annemarie, and the miscarried baby).

It is often said that the children we raise teach us more than we teach them. I know this is true. My kids here on Earth have taught me patience, humility, forgiveness, and how to see the world as a place of true wonder and light.


But, my kids in Heaven have taught me more than most would imagine. I have learned patience. Is there any greater patience than waiting to die to see your child again?

I have learned the value of one day and that for some, one day can be a lifetime.

I have learned to live in the present and be grateful for every imperfect second of life. I have learned that money and success are nothing without family. I have learned that there is nothing more amazing than a newborn's first breath.

I have learned to not worry about what others think, and to forgive those who don't understand this kind of loss. I have learned to be brave in sharing my story, and to seek out others who share this path of motherhood.

I have learned that life is not defined by years or hours, but by the moments of connection we share. And that even after someone has passed, their life can have a tremendous impact on others.

My children in Heaven teach me new lessons more than you would expect. They have taught me to be extra gentle with their sisters on Earth. They have taught me that there is no need to rush, and that sometmies the simplest moments we can share with our kids will mean the most.

I have learned perspective, and how unimportant the little dramas of everyday life are. Truly.

I am grateful for the chance to love so deeply, which in large part I owe to my girls in Heaven.


So, after all my angst this past week about upcoming Mother's Day, it's turned out to be a pretty great day, afterall. Mr. M is working on DWTS, so I am home with all the girls by myself just like most other days.

Mr. M left me flowers and a card this morning before he left for work, and I was so surprised and touched (I told him I didn't want anything). Paprika hopped in bed with me this morning and read me a few books, including: Are You My Mother?

She gave me the sweetest Mother's Day present and card that she'd made at school. It made me cry big tears and she looked confused at that. I told her how deeply I love her, and how it was the most beautiful present I could have ever received. She said she wished she could have given me more. Bawl!

The littlest two don't know that it's Mother's Day and that's okay by me. I look at them and I have all the gratitude I need. Being a mother is a beautiful thing, even if it's not quite how I expected things would turn out.

Being a mother is without a doubt the most challenging undertaking of my life, but it has also been the best in countless breathtaking and unexpected ways.

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boltefamily said...


Kim said...

This post had me in tears! It has been very emotional for me, too. Everything you posted is so true. Losing our babies changes us in more ways than imaginable. Thank you for sharing.

noswimmers said...

Ok, bawlin my eyes out here! You said exactly what I've been feeling.

Emily Marie said...

Beautiful post, Erika. . . I was thinking of you and your babies in heaven yesterday.

Melanie said...


I have been reading your blog for quite a while, but have never commented before...but this entry touched my heart so much! I remember when I first began reading your blog I thought "Wow, she could be a lawyer, making good money and yet she stays home?" Yet the longer I read the more you have taught me about how very important it is to be there, notjust physically, but to really BE THERE in our cildren's amount of money to be made can make up for the amount of time lost from their presence...just 4 months ago, after 20 yrs. of working full time as a pediatric nurse I and my husband made the decision that I would stay home with our kids, who are now 12, 9 and 8, and seem to need me more and more the older they get! I and they have never been happier! I've been on field trips, worked the book fair, gone to every show, sports activity, practice, recital and never had to worry that I was going to miss it!! We eat dinner everynight, not fast food, but real food and I'm home to tuck them in! Money will be tight, we cut our income in half, but everything you wrote in your post is true...being a Mother is a once in a lifertime treasure, challenging? MOST definetly!! Rewarding? WITHOUT A DOUBT!! You are an inspiration to me, a beautiful Mother to all 6 of your babies and the epitome of a saint to do it alone most days!!! LOL!!

I giggled a little when you talked about it teaching you perspective and how unimportant the daily dramas were because I imagined you were talking about Ginger never wanting to wear clothes! But you are so right! I miscarried between my two oldest and often wonder how different my life would be if we had our fourth baby...and not to sweat the small stuff in life, and most of it IS small stuff!! I worked 15 yrs as a peds oncology nurse at the hospital and often tried to imagine what I would do if I were one of the parents I were taking care of and it was MY child who was dying of cancer and found that I couldn't breathe for the thought of it. I also learned to just LIVE in the moment and to never take anything for granted because in just one moment in time your life as you know it can change!

Thank you for sharing your life and your have been an inspiration to me!! Happy Mothers Day!

Melanie Whitaker

ps. My Mother and her friends get together to watch DWTS and absolutely love the show as does my 8 yr. old!! Tell your husband he's doing a great job!