Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thirty Five!


I am now 35 weeks pregnant! Overall, the pregnancy is going great (knock on wood). I can't believe that now I have about three to four weeks until we meet this little one. Okay, five weeks if I make it to my due date, but Paprika and Ginger were both delivered at 38 weeks...which is just three weeks away. Yikes!

Mr. M has been working a lot (a lot a lot a lot), which is why there are no pictures of me. I need to just set up the camera on a timer and take some because I really want to document how enormous I am getting! (On second thought...ha!)

I had a doctor's appointment with Dr. K on Monday, and everything checked out. He told me he is going out of town for four or five days right around my due date (gasp!) - which took me a little off-guard. But it's okay - it will work out.

I can hardly believe my due date is so close, though! We are getting down to the wire here, and I have just started realizing certain things...like we still have no minivan. No diapers ordered. No clothes for the baby.

No clothes for the baby, you ask? Well...let's see. Paprika was an August baby and Ginger was June. So all I have are summer newborn clothes! Nothing long-sleeved. Thankfully, shopping for baby clothes is one thing I do enjoy doing quite a bit. So, that has been distracting me from the gazillion other things I've going on right now.

Mostly, I just can't wait to meet her. I am starting to let myself get excited, and dream about how she is going to fit into our family.


Life has been keeping me busy, busy, busy!!! I am doing all the stuff it takes to run a household (some of it fun, most of it not so much - ha!) and making sure that Paprika and Ginger are having lots of fun.

I am doing a lot of homeschool type stuff with Paprika right now (in addition to her regular school work), and Ginger of course is right there in the middle of it, and she is actually picking up so much...she blows me away!

Most of what I'm teaching Paprika at home has to do with reading. It's so gratifying to see her catching on and figuring it out! Paprika has zero interest in math (scratch that...less than zero interest in math). She loves art, books, reading, and life science. Everything else she would rather leave alone!

I thought Paprika being at school half-days was going to give me a little break, but between all the drop-offs and pick-ups, and volunteering in the classroom, etc., I have come to the realization that having her in school is not a vacation for me! Ha!

I also signed up to be the classroom photographer. What can I say, it sounded better than some of the other jobs available - like class party planner...no thanks! :-)

Paprika also still has swimming lessons four days/week, and ceramics class once/week, in addition to school. That plus hanging out with friends keeps us really busy!

Ginger even made a new friend recently, and they are so very cute together. Ginger thinks all of Paprika's friends are her friends (why wouldn't they be?!) - so for her to have her very own friend is cute overload and makes my heart smile.


It seems like every day is just packed with things to do. I know it is making the time fly by...so I really want to just slow down a bit and enjoy these last few weeks of pregnancy! I am just really grateful to be where I am and to have the family that I have. Not every day is perfect, of course, but overall I am enjoying the sweetness of it all.

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TDM Wendy said...

Almost congrats! Three is fun and crazy!