Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Big Day Is Here!


Well, the big day is here. No, not Pavenzia's birthday (although I wouldn't mind that one bit!) Nope, it's Halloween...the day Paprika has been looking forward to since November 1st 2010!

We had a quiet weekend at home.

Decorated a Halloween Gingerbread House (yes, they make such things).

Decorated the outside of the house with plenty of spooky things.

Bought lots of Halloween candy.

Only opened one bag of candy...which somehow has disappeared right before my eyes...which is why all the other bags of candy remain unopened! I just don't trust myself! ;-)

Stocked up on last-minute glow sticks and glow necklaces for the girls. Made sure the flash lights have fresh batteries.

Ran out for some last minute face paint (since mermaids have to have face paint, or so I am told)!


Tomorrow begins a big day of festivites for us, starting with Paprika's School Halloween Parade bright and early. Since I am the classroom photographer, I have to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for it.

Hopefully my water doesn't break between now and then! Or maybe I hope it does! That would make for a very memorable Halloween! :-)



Seeing your pictures of the girls with the pumpkins is so nice! It snowed here and there is snow on the ground. Going to make for an interesting night of trick or treating. Hope the girls have a great time!

That's Interesting said...

Happy Halloween!!! I hope you guys have a blast tonight! :) I love the second picture of the girls together- it is so sweet.