Friday, October 28, 2011

Photos To Burn!

Do you ever take pictures of yourself that you don't like...but then think that in 10 years, you'll probably love that photo? My big (not so secret) secret is that I never delete a photo. Like ever. Not even the bad ones.

Because you never know how in the future you may cherish that photo. Also, I think if I did delete photos I might get so caught up in perfectionism that I'd only have a few left! Haha!

So, here is a photo from last week that I want to burn. Mostly because the wardrobe choice. Can you believe I've worn this shirt through my last three pregnancies?!!! Eeek! Photos I do not get rid of, but ugly orange shirts are another story. ;-)


This picture was taken last week when I was going on 37 weeks pregnant. I am now almost 38 weeks pregnant. Tick tock! I am so in denial that my belly is that big. But it is. Actually, this week, it's about 10% larger (or at least it feels that way!)

Here is another picture of me in the lovely orange sorbet shirt. But, it's me with obviously it's a keeper. Ha!


We had such a great time with Ann here. My one regret is that we got zero pictures of her and Paprika!!! What were we thinking?! I was a lazy photographer, what can I say. But we got some great ones of her and Ginger.




This week has been so busy! We had an awesome trip to the Pumpkin Patch, and now (as of last night) Grandma Pat is visiting. So, now I can go into labor at any time...because we have someone to watch the girls while I am at the hospital.

Last week when Ann went back to Indiana and before Pat arrived, I had visions of driving myself to the hospital (1.5 hours in traffic) with the girls in the backseat of the van...and then setting them up with a Barney video in my labor and delivery room while Pavenzia was born. Because that was the plan...

And, P.S., I am having crazy painful contractions this pregnancy. Like all the time. But so far nothing has happened. No progress. Nada. This is definitely my pregnancy that cried wolf! So, I am staying home and not going back to the hospital until I really go into labor. We'll see how that works out! Stay tuned...


Erin said...

You look beautiful Erika! Hang in there are good luck with the delivery. I can't wait to see pics of your precious new addition! :)

siri said...

A good friend of mine did just that, put on a video for her 4 year old while giving birth. It was a middle of the night adventure and they didn't have family in town. The funny part is that when her baby sister was born they had a hard time tearing the girl away from her video to watch the birth :) Totally not interested!

ferfischer said...

It probably says something about my fashion sense that I think that shirt is perfectly fine. But at the end of my pregnancies I don't care much anyway and nothing fits anyhow. Very excited for you too!