Monday, October 24, 2011

Full Of Life!


Paprika (aka Yaya) still has swim lessons 4 days/week (3 group lessons and one private lesson). So, that means that Ginger hangs out at the pool 4 days/week. She wants to get in sooooo badly. She wants to be big, and swim, and jump right in!

So, because she can't, she literally sprints everywhere...climbs everything...her energy knows no bounds. When Ann was here, she commented that she has never met a child with so much energy. And Ann has three very active boys! Ginger is: Non-stop motion, with a penchant for mischief.


She is not just that way at the pool, of course! Everywhere we go (including home), she is into everything, climbing to the highest point she can find...she has no fear. And no "off button." She is, quite simply, full of life.

Those words have come to mind with Ginger for a long time now. It's funny (not haha funny, but you know...) because the name Vivian means Full of Life. I decided on Vivian's name before she was born, and even after everything that happened, it was still her name.

But I can't help thinking that Ginger really channels her older sister, Vivian, in that I have never seen anyone more full of life. She has the most magnetic personality. So confident. So social, so extroverted. So ready to celebrate life.

And soooo hard to chase after 9 months pregnant! Ha! :-)


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