Friday, October 14, 2011

Happier Days!


These pictures all taken last week, when canine happiness was at a much higher level than it is today.

Yesterday, Daisy got spayed. She is not a happy camper.


Her vet recommends the procedure at 6 months old, and she will be 6 months tomorrow. We could have waited longer, but with the new baby coming in a few weeks, it seemed like the best time to do it.


Well, I was totally unprepared for how sick and miserable Daisy would be. She has that horrible collar around her neck (the lampshade one) and it is driving her insane. She is on Tramadol and Carprofen, which I think are making her feel worse than she would feel otherwise.


Last night she spent the whole night crying, nonstop. In our bedroom. At 3am. At 4am. It was rough. That, mixed with Ginger's antics last night (let's just say she is a wild girl and no longer believes in diapers or using the potty)...

it was just a long night.

Then, Paprika asked me what was wrong with Daisy, and when I told her about the surgery, she started crying and was so upset for Daisy. "She won't be able to have puppies?! What have you done?!!! Why would you do that to her? Why did you let them hurt her?" Made me feel like the meanest mommy in the whole world.

So, I am trying not to feel guilty about it. But I just feel so bad for Daisy, so bad for Paprika...some days are just hard being a doggy mommy, too, I guess! Hopefully Daisy will be feeling better tomorrow and happy days will be here again!



noswimmers said...

Awww...poor Daisy! It's better in the long run, though. We didn't get our beagle spayed right away, and she ended up getting some sort of infection common in un-spayed dogs, it could have killed her. So keep your chin up mama, you did the right thing! may already know this, but you can try taking her lampshade collar off...if she doesn't lick her wounds you can leave it off.

Thinking about you lots...hope the littlest baby girl is being nice to her mama! :)

Grandma~rella said...

Sweet, sweet Daisy...I didn't realize how much she and my adult male, Gator, look alike. Did you know, you can give Daisy children's Tylenol for pain? It really helps! :)