Monday, October 3, 2011



On Saturday, Paprika woke up and said, "Is it finally October?!!!" Halloween is her favorite event of the whole year (she has been preparing for this Halloween since November 1st of last year). It is bigger to her than Christmas and her birthday combined. ;-)

She knows Halloween is in October, so when I told her that it is now October, she about burst open with excitement. Mr. M works on the weekends (Dancing with the Stars schedule), so it was just me and the girls all weekend.

I am so much less mobile than I used to be, so we did a lot of Halloween creative crafty stuff around the house this weekend. Paprika had swimming, but other than that, we stuck close to home.

Paprika wrote four Halloween books (she dictated them to me, and I wrote down the words for her- and she illustrated all the books herself, of course!) That was her idea, and took up hours both days. Two of the books are actually pretty impressive (maybe I am biased- ha!). I am going to have to scan all the books- they are definitely keepers.


We also swung by Trader's and got a bunch of pumpkins. I really did not want to carve them myself (will leave that arm work-out to Mr. M), so the girls got to draw on the pumpkins. They each got one big one, and then they insisted they get one for Pavenzia and they both decorated that one for her (also their idea).

We got out all the costumes, all the Halloween decorations, made a bunch of new decorations out of construction paper...just stuff like that.


I also listed the girls' Halloween costumes from last year on Ebay. Sob! Memories!










Thankfully, I took enough pictures! Those were some of my favorite costumes ever.

This year, Paprika wants to be a mermaid and Ginger wants to be a brown puppy. A dark brown puppy. She actually wants to look just like her little favorite doggie. I am trying to talk her into something else because the cute dark brown puppy costumes out there are very few and far between. Besides which, she seems to turn up her nose at every one I show her (too light, too many spots, etc.) She's a girl who knows what she wants!

If I had my say, they would be peacocks or butterflies for Halloween. Ginger is now saying that she might consider being a mermaid for Halloween, but only if it is a mermaid just like Yaya (Paprika).

So, I am on the hunt...what can I say...having these two around makes Halloween pretty fun and exciting. :-)

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The Wallace Family said...

Sounds like so much fun:) I like Halloween as well, but I think she has me beat because Christmas is still my number 1!! I love their costumes from last year and can't wait to see this years. So sweet:)