Sunday, October 16, 2011

Halloween Baking Time!

First things first, for everyone who is wondering...Daisy is doing much better. She is back to being her same old hyper-puppy, chewing on everything in sight, and wanting to play 24/7 self. She still has the lampshade collar on to keep herself from hurting her stitches. I took a few pitiful pictures of her last night with the lampshade on her head - I will upload them when I have a chance. You know, as a keepsake for her baby book. ;-)


In other news, we are in the full swing of Halloween around here. I am being a little more low-key about it this year because of my (ahem) physical limitations. It is hard to get up on top of the house and hang lights when you are 9 months pregnant!

So, Mr. M gets to decorate the outside of the house with the girls when he has a chance. The girls are really looking forward to it, and I did my part and bought all the decorations at Target! ;-)


My Halloween activities with the girls have been much more crafty. Baking brownies, drawing Halloween cards, just stuff like that. I am doing it the easy way this year (as if it is really different than any other year?!)...Halloween brownies in a box! But, they seem to love it just as much as the kind you labor over from scratch, and they taste just as good (well, probably they taste better!)


I also got a Halloween gingerbread kit that we are going to try out any day here. It's like a Christmas gingerbread house, but you know...spooky! We did one last year, and it was a huge hit.


The girls had a blast making this, and it was so easy. The Halloween pan really adds something, I think! ;-) I am thinking of using the pan to make banana bread, and other baked stuff. The girls got such a kick out of it.


Originally, I was going to frost the brownies with orange frosting (and I even bought it). But when we went to put on the frosting, we all agreed that it looked more like the fake cheese you get with nachos at the movie theater. So, we passed on that. Still, the girls were soooo proud of their little baking creation, and it was easy enough that we will probably repeat it again at least a few times before Halloween. What can I say, nothing goes better together than being pregnant and eating brownies! :-)


Jill said...

HOW cute is that! Reminds me I have to bake something with my little girl! I did make pumpkin bars for her first halloween party we attended on Saturday but I feel like I have to do something more! And Id like her to somewhat be able to help! :) very cute idea!

That's Interesting said...

That is adorable!! And it looks delish, too! :) Your girls look so happy, I love their butterfly outfits!! Have they decided for sure what they want to be for halloween?? Emily