Sunday, October 23, 2011

Auntie Ann Visits!


Auntie Ann came to visit us from Tuesday night until early this morning. We did so much on her visit here, and yet there was so much more to do, too!

We squeezed in a few trips to the beach. The week before she came, it was sooo hot and sunny. Then, she arrived from a chilly Indiana autumn only to find out that it was the same temperature here this week as it was there! (Mostly). Even with the cool temps, we still had a blast!


I am just increasing all the time! The first night Ann was here, I ended up at the hospital in the Labor and Delivery unit for very bad contractions. I stayed overnight, and Ann stayed with the girls while Mr. M came with me to the hospital. The girls had a great time bonding with Ann while I made sure everything was okay with Pavenzia!

It turned out to be a false alarm, and although the doctors could tell I was having big contractions, nothing was happening, so I got sent home! The rest of the week, I tried to take it easy and stay off my feet as much as possible!

Here I am last week at 36 weeks pregnant! I am feeling big, big, big. Eating is getting harder (I can just eat a little bit stomach is so squished!) Rolling over, getting up, and getting out of bed takes some premediated thought and a little planning (and a lot of maneuvering). Things are not as simple as they were a short 10 weeks ago! I have to walk really slowly and have gotten used to pretty much always being in some sort of pain. I guess that is just nature's way of getting a women excited to give birth. Haha!

Grandma Pat arrives on Thursday and I am crossing my fingers and toes (and everything else- ha!) in hopes that Pavenzia does not arrive before Pat gets here. If I have to go to the hosptial, Pat is staying home to watch the girls while I deliver at the hospital with Mr. M. My dad comes next week for two weeks, so we should be covered here on the homefront, assuming I can just last until Thursday. (Again, fingers crossed and knock on wood!)


In the meantime, I have lots to do to keep me busy! Ann helped me pick out some last minute items at Tar-jay the other night. Of course, I had to ride the motorized scooter around the store. Any excuse to ride that thing, and I'll take it! :-) Seriously, though, walking around the store at the end of the day was just not an option!

I have lots more pics of Auntie Ann's visit, which I hope to upload soon! I wasn't great about taking pictures while she was here (I did not even get out my DSLR!) but...I have some really cute ones of her with the girls. Those pictures (and the memories) are going to have to hold us all over until our next visit. Living far away from people you love can be really difficult sometimes. But I guess it just makes the time we do have that much sweeter.


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