Sunday, January 23, 2011

Santa Barbara Weekend!


We spent the weekend up in Santa Barbara. These pictures aren't from our trip - they are from last week, but I haven't had a chance to share them yet, and you know I can't do a post without pics!


We left on Friday and headed up the coast. It was the most gorgeous, bright blue skied day. After we dropped the girls off with Grandma Pat, Mr. Mustard and I went on a date to The Beachside, which is a cute restaurant overlooking the water. We got there at 4 o'clock and it was empty. We got an awesome table by the window, just in the best place to watch the sunset.

About 5 minutes after we were seated, they seated someone right behind us and brought her a booster seat. So, of course, I was thinking that among the next people to arrive in the party would be a three year old. And I so did not want to share my date with a 3 year old. Sorry!


So, then I asked the waitress if we could be moved. But she was new, so she had to ask another waiter. Then he had to ask the manager. Long story short, after about 15 people had convened to see if we could be moved to one of the gazillion other open tables, we found out that the booster seat was a footrest for an 80 year old woman with a foot problem.

We were definitely in the clear (no kids!), and I felt kinda sheepish for making such a big deal about the whole thing. Just a little.


Needless to say, it was an awesome date. I told Mr. Mustard I wanted to walk on the beach and take some pictures of the sunset (it was sooooo pretty and the lighting was just gorgeous). I thought he was kidding when he said that he forgot the camera back at his mom's house! But, he wasn't kidding. So, it was a beautiful sunset that will have to be saved in our memories instead of on my memory card!


That night we went to see True Grit while Grandma Pat babysat the girls. Paprika loves spending time with her Grandma Pat and they had some fun times drawing while Ginger took a late (very late) nap.


Saturday we headed over to visit some friends in Montecito. They have three kids - one girl just a little younger than Paprika, who Paprika adores. We had a great time just relaxing the day away and watching the kids play. Ginger was having the best time running with wild abandon - she is at that age where nothing frightens her and she doesn't want anything to stand in her way. So, Mr. Mustard and I took turns chasing her around, while Paprika had such a great time playing with new friends. It was a really fun little playdate, and I am so glad we were able to get together.


Now we are back in LA. We are all a little worn out. Ginger doesn't sleep well when we travel, and when she is tired she gets grumpy...and when she gets grumpy, she lets us all know loud and clear! I laid her down for a nap about three hours ago, and she is still hopefully she is resting up and will be back to her sunny self in no time.

I think it must be hard to be a 19 month old, with no control over what you're doing, where you're sleeping, and still trying to figure things out. Mr. Mustard thinks we have entered "the terrible twos"- which if that is the case, I guess she is just a little advanced! ;-) I like to think of them as the "transitional twos" - when she is transitioning from being a baby to a little girl. It is a time of big changes - walking, talking, many things going on. No matter what, whether it's terrible twos or transitional twos...she is still (and always) my precious little girl!


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