Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Art and Drama!


Paprika's at that age where everything is a chance for make-believe. People have told me that there is so much drama involved in being the mom of a girl. I don't think they mean the kind of drama where you play act all day in a world of fantasy...but that's what happens in our house.


Paprika's story du jour is Sleeping Beauty. Every night before bed, she wants me to read her the story of Sleeping Beauty (we have two versions). Her favorite part is when Sleeping Beauty gets lured to the spinning wheel and pricks her finger. She says to me, "Mom, can we get a spinning wheel so I can prick my finger?"


Needless to say, there is a lot of play fainting, falling on the ground, and pretending to be asleep going on. Ginger is trying to figure it out. Ha!


Paprika loves drawing. She probably draws about a thousand pictures a day. Okay, maybe not a thousand...but at least 20 or 30.

Her new favorite thing is to draw costumes and dresses. Here is a a Snow White dress she drew recently. Notice she didn't forget the accessories! Ha!


Here is a quick family portrait she whipped up the other day. Are you wondering who that little one in the top left hand corner is? It's the hamster she wants me to buy her as a pet. That is soooo not happening! (I have a big aversion to rodents of any kind - even super cute ones).


Last but not least, here is a picture she drew of herself as a soccer star. She has been begging to start soccer for months, so we are doing it. Her team's season starts in a few weeks. We bought her a practice jersey off Ebay (purple, of course!) and some almost new cleats (pink...ha!) So she will be set when the day to play comes! Notice in her picture how she is carrying her doll around while she plays soccer. That cracks me up!


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