Tuesday, January 18, 2011

19 Months!


How did my little baby get to be 19 months? She's closer to two now than one. Sigh.

Her new favorite thing is to lay belly down in the swings and have Paprika push her up high, high, high. The faster the better. Oh boy.


Ginger picked this outfit out herself. What do you think? She is very interested in what she wears and will not wear just any old thing. It has to be her decision. When Paprika was this age, I could dress her in whatever I wanted! How times change!


Her favorite place to be is near her big sister. They have quite the bond, and Ginger looks up to Paprika so much. Thank goodness she's a good role model!


Mr. Mustard swears that Ginger is a lot more destructive than Paprika was at this age. How quickly he forgets. Or maybe I just did a better job hiding the messes from him back then. You know, like the time Paprika drew all over our counters with red Sharpie marker. Or made a giant mural on our wall in crayon?


Ginger is definitely active. She is in to everything, and nothing...and I mean nothing is safe when she's around. She is a climber. If you're not watching, she will climb right out of this high chair once she's done eating. She has no fear. At all.


She still loves to eat pretty much everything. She is loving salt and vinegar potato chips lately. She loves avocados, and blackberries...and will eat pretty much anything you put in front of her. Except milk (you know, from the carton). She does not like milk. Neither does Paprika. So I've been using their milk to make whole milk hot chocolate for myself. Oh boy!


On Sunday we went to Lauren's baby's first birthday party. It was at My Gym...the same My Gym I used to take Paprika to when she was a baby. Back when we lived in our teeny tiny apartment in Beverlywood and My Gym was the way I got out and interacted with others. It was a blast from the past for sure. I got such a kick out of watching Ginger in the same ball pit Paprika played in way back when.

Ginger had a great time. She always does...pretty much!


One thing that cracks me up is Ginger's facial expressions. Whatever she's thinking, you can see on her face. She's pretty transparent, that girl...ha!


These two really do go together like peas and carrots. I am so grateful that they get to grow up together and that they love eachother so much. It is such a gift!



Lauren said...

I love that last picture! It really captures the love the girls have for each other. I love the outfit Ginger picked out for herself too - before I read what you wrote about it, I was thinking that she probably came up with that ensemble herself. Love those Baby Legs too!

Devon said...

happy 19 months ginger!!

i LOVE salt & vinegar chips too...a girl after my own heart!

Sheila said...

cutie patootie giraffe socks.
swing for it indeed... i'm sure she will with everything in her life. ginger the adventure girl is only missing a cape.