Monday, January 10, 2011

Dancing In The Dark!


Paprika and Ginger have been staying up so late lately. It has a little something to do with Mr. Mustard's crazy hours on The Amazing Race, and a little something to do with me being really relaxed with them at night. Paprika likes to take 90 minute baths, and then take a shower afterwards, and then read 7 stories before bedtime, and then have a snack. And since I'm a night owl, too, I just go with it.


Since we are staying up into the wee hours, we have to find things to do after it gets dark. One of the favorite things to do is play "Dancing In The Dark," which is a game Paprika made up. (And no, she's never heard of Bruce Springsteen!)


Basically, it involves turning off all the lights in the living room and dancing until you just can't dance anymore. Ginger, of course, is a good sport about it all. But after awhile, she loses steam and becomes an audience member. ;-)


But Paprika? She can dance until dawn...well, not literally, but she probably would if I'd let her!



Catherine said...

I hopped on over from I Heart Faces and love your blog so much I'm a new follower! Your photographs are wonderful and I love seeing all the pictures of California (and home-grown oranges!) and your sweet family.

I'm a Californian stuck in Utah for the moment-- but will move back to California the first chance I get! Seeing your pictures and reading your posts makes me long for California even more!

Lauren said...

You are such a fun mom! I hope to have half your patience with my kids!

Michelle Xo said...

But what a great quality to have, the ability to dance like you're in the dark. Cheers to little ones teaching us things we should have known already.